Icons for an App

During my UI/UX class we needed to design an imaginary app. Since most of the icons I've found were in different styles, I've decided to try and make my own.

I've made them in two forms - Light line weight for larger features, and a more heavier line for the small icons to be more clear in their small size.



A quick PS sketch turning into another rendering exercise... It looks like a finger with small chicken legs for hands... here's...Johnny!

Mr. Tumnus

This was a quick Sketch that turned into a paint-over exercise...

Another day, Another devilish dude....

And a small and quick gif for fun! 


There is something about ghosts that I always loved... Perhaps it's the undefined shape, smoothness of their line (or both)... who knows?


Patri Balanovsky - A small tribute to a great artist ;)

I usually never try to create a caricature of a specific person, becuase I'm always afraid that it won't look like the person, or just insult him.
This time, I've decided to join a few other artists to create a caricture of Patri Balanovsky, which is a super talented artist.
Don't know him yet? Check him here!