A revision to my first dialouge animation

this is my revision my Don't knock" animation.
Next class (class 4) I'm about to add in the facial expressions - this would make it so much more alive and convincing! I can't wait!

A new 20 eyed monster has arrived upon us!

I've took the liberty of using the terms break (it's only one week though) to go back and work on my drawing with my new Wacom.
I'm a member in an Israeli forum and this weeks challenge was to create a 20 (some organ) monster.... I've thought it would be nice to create a monster with 20 eyes and only one pair of eye glasses....

Anyway, here is the result (I'm not too happy with it I'm afraid).


Class 3 - Session 312

This was the last session for class 3 and it was as always... sad.
I've come to know Michelle and she's such a good mentor, animator and person, I'll truly going to miss her.
I've learned so much from her and I feel I'm really becoming a good animator! It's a great feeling I never felt before.

This progress reel is incomplete because we haven't got around to do the facial part yet which we'll keep doing during the next Class.
It's going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Can't wait, hope you would enjoy it :)

Ziv Ariely - Class 3 Progress Reel from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.


Class 3 - Session 311

This was a rough week, after the last one was so busy, leaving to do this week what I haven't done last week :)
I can't complain, I've worked my butt off and I think it's looking pretty OK, even though there are a few more things to change and tweak (as always I guess).
Now come the time when I'll use my free time between the third and the forth semester to keep on working on the body polishing, so next semester we could go and move into the facial expressions, it's going to be sooo fun!

This week we also had learnt about the sincerity in our animation, to be truthful and believable...


The new Disney movie - a few scenes by James Baxter

Take a glimpse of James Baxter's classic animation from the new Disney movie - it's funny how they make fun of Disney's old classics (Snow White).

Read more about it here:


Have you ever noticed the hidden stuff?

I'm one of those many people who considers themselves to be a Pixar's fan.
This is a short article I came across which revealed to me a few things I haven't noticed on the movies Pixar had made during the last years (It's amazing to think how many times I've seen those movies and never really SEE it!).


Read more about it here:


Class 3 - Session 310

Unfortunately this week was the most busy week I had through out the entire term and due to work obligations I nearly didn't have time to work on my animation (but I've managed to push myself).
The major thing was moving into spline and start correcting all the stuff gone Wacky, and of course start tweaking everything, correct the arcs and add overlapping in the arms and fingers (I like that part!).

What do you think?


4 PM

This week's lecture was about hands, it was amazing! I never thought hands could mean so much and even though There were a lot of stuff I already knew, it was a great and interesting lecture.
We came by two methods of working with hands, one of them was Carlos Baena's way and he showed us an amazing pencil animation called 4 PM.

Check it out!


Class 3 - Session 309

This week, I had to try and start refining my animation, add in the small details (not all of them yet) such as nice overlapping - especially in the arcs, and to begin have the fingers moving, etc.

Next week I'm planning to make the big move forward - move into splines!