The Wonderful Richard Williams

Here are a few clips from an interview Richard Williams once gave about how he had done Roger Rabbit, and many other things, during his long career in the business.



A New Work In Progress!

I've been playing with the idea of making some serious painting work for a couple of months already. I mean, I've been talking to my wife about it; "I would like to make something nice, a high quality picture so we can have it in our little baby's room once she'll be born".
I've been wanting to do this for a long time, and now that my wife is moving into her 5th month of her pregnancy (it's a girl btw), it's becoming more real than ever! We both decided it would be nice to make a drawing with a train, which will be driven by cute and smiling little animals (I won't try to be unique here, I'm aware to the fact a few people had done this before).
So now that I worked for a few hours on the animals we had in mind, it's time to start working on the train it self (which I hope to start working on pretty soon).

Here are the pencil sketches I did for the animals, hope you'll like them ;)


Burn - E!!!

Here's the link to Burn-E which is about to come out as a bonus short on the new Wall-e Blueray (I hope they also have it on the DVD version).
It's not in english, but you can enjoy and understand everything just as much - Enjoy!



There's something beautiful about the shape of the octopus, in my opinion.... Here's the drawing I've done during the last two days (I've been ill and needed something to do), Sure he looks wicked but he's fairly calm and wonderful with children ;)

Hope you'll like it!


A Short Test I've done in 2D

I never really took the chance of trying to make a 2D animation, until this week.
Here's a little animation (very basic - took me about 5 minutes to do) of a bouncing ball I've done, just for the fun of it.

lash" width="425" height="350">


Monsters vs Aliens Trailer

Here's the new trailer, I had posted something similar a few weeks ago, but this one looks a little better (I can't wait to see it already! It looks great ;)

Check it out here:

and Another HD version here: