I had the pleasure of working for a friend of mine, which is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu teacher. He asked me to design his team's animal - the mighty and fiercing Koala wink emoticon I had a lot of fun designing the Koala character as well as the shirt. ____________________________________________________ If you who are interested, I've added a few links to check him out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/koabjj/ http://www.nogibjj.co.il/


wallpapers hd [1920x1080] - No.02

I'm proud to present to you my second full hd wallpaper.
Please feel free to download and use it and if you're happy with it, let me know!


I'm Batman.

It begun as a quick pencil sketch on my sketchbook, however I couldn't resist going digital with it.
I hope you'll like it!

For more phases and updates, please check out my FB page here.



Thought it was time to try and join INKtober... I only hope I'll manage to post something everyday :)

Here'es today's sketch.


wallpapers hd [1920x1080] - No.01

I thought it could be a nice idea to start a new label on my blog - Wallpapers. If any of you would like to try it out, I'll be more the proud and happy to hear what you think about it. For now, this is my first one and I hope there will be more to come soon. Thanks!


Our Book Is Ready - Yael's Big Book of Creatures

This is so cool!
One year ago (a little more than that actually) I started a personal project together with my talented daughter - Yael. It's a creature book made by both of us which l dedicate to her. I suggested that for each creature she'll draw, I'll make one of my own in my style and once we'll have enough creatures I'll make it into a book and print it for her as a present.

Check it out as I'll post more pictures soon...



This sketch began yesterday as I sat down to watch a movie with my daughters... I thought to give it a try and make it digital, so.... there it is!

What do you think?



Franky here is a a little doodle I made
while attending a meeting,,,, needed to keep my self busy I guess.


Spending a creative morning with my girls

So Saturday had arrived, and what is a better way to keep a creative edge than to try and work more like a child? My two daughters wanted to draw characters and glue eyes on them and I couldn't resist joining them.... It was so much fun!!


Exclusive ‘Mortal Kombat X’ Concept Art by Marco Nelor

Here is a very nice artwork done by the talented Marco Nelor.
I love the ideas, the changing techniques and the entire thinking process behind it.

Press here to check it out!