Toying Around

You know the time you just want to make a quick sketch but somehow you can't seem to let go and you keep saying to yourself: just one more thing, and that's it"....? Well, I couldn't stop myself so this sketch went a little deeper than I planned.


Some Doodles to pass the time between works

Nothing much to say, these are just doodles I've made to pass the time while learning facial direction.
I might apply some of it to my characters I need to design on the game application I'm currently working on.

Stay tuned!


One More Beer - A Short Film

This is one of the most shortests and most well done films I ever seen.
I love everything about it - The animation, the looks, the humor.

Hope you'll enjoy it too :)


Thunder Cat - Quick Sketching & Coloring [Process]

Last Friday I had the urge to do some sketching, and once I was done (I was having a conversation and let my hand do the work while my head was somewhere else) I found my self infront of a Thunder Cat creature.

Since I already made this pencil sketch, I figured "why not color it in PS all the way"?

Here is the process and the resault.

Hope you'll like it :)


Octapus Garden

I've taken some time to draw a new and full painting. Something more complex and with a story around it.
Here is the final stage.

I'm about to create the different walk-through of the different stages for those of you who might be interested in the process.

Hope you like it!


Photoshop Beginner Tutorials

I've came across this cool site that shows interesting techniques of working in Photosop by Markus Lovadina.
Even though I'm not new to PS, it's always nice to learn new methods of work or even just get inspired!

BTW - He also shows his work on this blog.

I haven't looked deep into it, but it looks promising.


Since I'm super busy for the last months (and it seems it's never going to change) I can't find the time to post as much as I used to. However, I came across this gem (I've seen it a while ago) by Glen Keane and just couldn't hold my self.
I've always been a great admirer of Glen's work, and thought I should share his amazing talent with all of you.


Source: youtube.com via Dan on Pinterest


Finally I Got A New Site!

It's been too long, and there isn't any excuses for me for not doing it, but finally I made myself a new site, which you are more than welcome to check in here.

In this site I'm representing my best works in the character design expertise and also some works out of my sketchbooks along the last years.

I've also created a new fan page on Facebook, so please check this one too (the fan page is updated frequently and will show other stuff I didn't post on my site).


Kagemono: The Shadow Folk

This is a cute and a well made short. It is the story of Beopup, a little fox who goes hunting in the woods and uncovers something rather unpleasant.done by a Calart student.

Check it out :)


cartoon face colouring

I've stumbled upon this amazing (and long!) video tutorial by the extremely talented Serge Birault. Really inspiring to watch. Enjoy ;) -Ziv
Watch live streaming video from sergebirault at livestream.com


Ain't it cool?

I'm proud to let you know I been asked to use my short film in a digital audio production excercise by SIAST.
This audio mix was created by the group of; Donald Hancock, Suzanne Olinik and Jacob Sawatzky.

Here is the first sample which made me lough :)

Some information regarding SIAST:
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, SIAST - Wascana Campus, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
has a New Media Communications Program (www.siast.sk.ca) which has a course for Digital Audio Production. In the past, we had
students complete a soundscape assignment. This year, we decided to use the "Stay Cool" animation and have the students create
a soundscape based on the action on screen. The students had a great time, creating their own sound effects and pulling sound effects
and music to create a final mix for the animated short. The feedback from the students has been very positive and we look forward to
doing this again next year. For now, we have six variations on the "Stay Cool" animation.