A revision to my first dialouge animation

this is my revision my Don't knock" animation.
Next class (class 4) I'm about to add in the facial expressions - this would make it so much more alive and convincing! I can't wait!

A new 20 eyed monster has arrived upon us!

I've took the liberty of using the terms break (it's only one week though) to go back and work on my drawing with my new Wacom.
I'm a member in an Israeli forum and this weeks challenge was to create a 20 (some organ) monster.... I've thought it would be nice to create a monster with 20 eyes and only one pair of eye glasses....

Anyway, here is the result (I'm not too happy with it I'm afraid).


Class 3 - Session 312

This was the last session for class 3 and it was as always... sad.
I've come to know Michelle and she's such a good mentor, animator and person, I'll truly going to miss her.
I've learned so much from her and I feel I'm really becoming a good animator! It's a great feeling I never felt before.

This progress reel is incomplete because we haven't got around to do the facial part yet which we'll keep doing during the next Class.
It's going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

Can't wait, hope you would enjoy it :)

Ziv Ariely - Class 3 Progress Reel from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.


Class 3 - Session 311

This was a rough week, after the last one was so busy, leaving to do this week what I haven't done last week :)
I can't complain, I've worked my butt off and I think it's looking pretty OK, even though there are a few more things to change and tweak (as always I guess).
Now come the time when I'll use my free time between the third and the forth semester to keep on working on the body polishing, so next semester we could go and move into the facial expressions, it's going to be sooo fun!

This week we also had learnt about the sincerity in our animation, to be truthful and believable...


The new Disney movie - a few scenes by James Baxter

Take a glimpse of James Baxter's classic animation from the new Disney movie - it's funny how they make fun of Disney's old classics (Snow White).

Read more about it here:


Have you ever noticed the hidden stuff?

I'm one of those many people who considers themselves to be a Pixar's fan.
This is a short article I came across which revealed to me a few things I haven't noticed on the movies Pixar had made during the last years (It's amazing to think how many times I've seen those movies and never really SEE it!).


Read more about it here:


Class 3 - Session 310

Unfortunately this week was the most busy week I had through out the entire term and due to work obligations I nearly didn't have time to work on my animation (but I've managed to push myself).
The major thing was moving into spline and start correcting all the stuff gone Wacky, and of course start tweaking everything, correct the arcs and add overlapping in the arms and fingers (I like that part!).

What do you think?


4 PM

This week's lecture was about hands, it was amazing! I never thought hands could mean so much and even though There were a lot of stuff I already knew, it was a great and interesting lecture.
We came by two methods of working with hands, one of them was Carlos Baena's way and he showed us an amazing pencil animation called 4 PM.

Check it out!


Class 3 - Session 309

This week, I had to try and start refining my animation, add in the small details (not all of them yet) such as nice overlapping - especially in the arcs, and to begin have the fingers moving, etc.

Next week I'm planning to make the big move forward - move into splines!


Alexiss is on the news!

This was a link I've foudn on Bobby's Beck blog.
Alexiss is a student I know (right now she is about to end Class 4) and she is damn good!
Here's a link to a report about Animation Mentor which was broadcasted over the news in the U.S.


Class 3 - Session 308

This was a hard week. We had to continue the blocking from last week, and start adding the ease in & out, more inbetweens and of course to fix the previous week (no revision yet).

It took me so long to fix the weight, the arcs and generally the poses as well.... but I think it looks better now, even though it far from being perfect. What do you think?

I've also started to check out my eyes reference. Here are a few sketches I've made just to begin exploring the shapes and feelings they produce.


Class 3 - Session 307

Finally moving into Dialogue! and having Bishop to begin with is absolutely great! This character is so much complex and versital, Can't wait to give it it's expressions on the next class (right now we only control the eyes).

Class 3 - Session 306

This week we had to make last adjustments on our revision and finally.... start moving into dialogue!
We've learned about how to animate ideas instead of words and how to choose a good audio clip to animate later on.


Class 3 - Session 305

I had such a busy weekend, almost didn't have time at all to work on my animation but I've managed to scratch some hours here and there after all.
I took care of my arcs (it's isn't perfect - I'm sure of it) and some more tweaking like overlapping on the fingers.
It probobly won't be the last time I'll work on this animation - I guess a revision is coming soon :)


Class 3 - Session 304

I believe this is the week when I really feel a great change in my animation as I've began to polish it up, adding overlapping, pushing my poses more (and as always, I think I haven't push them enough) and start adding the little "cherries" like the fingers, the blinks and the subtle parts (hands closes, and open as the hand shifts its angle).
I'm not very happy with the fact that it's almost the end of the assignment and each week I keep on shifting my camera to have a more 3/4 perspective view, but I guess it won't be the last time it happens, and I just need to plan better (another thing I need to keep tell my self ;)

The next week should be dedicated to the end of the polish, the refining and (maybe even) a model of a scenery (romantic dinner table set for two?)

Wish me luck!


Class 3 - Session 303

This week we've learnt of gesture and body language, which gestures are cliche and uninteresting, twinning, and using fewer gestures (by avoiding hitting every single pharse).
I had to change a lot of parts in my animation, including the camera angle, watching my curves, silhouettes and beats/timing.
I've also cut out the kneeling part which didn't contribute anything to the animation itself and was pretty useless :)


Class 3 - Session 302

This week we had first blocking, using a new technique I never used before - Copied Pairs.

It's pretty similar to working in stepped mode, only I'm working in flat mode, thus, getting the timing much better because the poses doesn't stay static like in stepped mode.

Also, this is the first time I'm using FK on the hands instead of IK, and I must admit there are many advantages to it, and it's much faster for me to achieve the poses I wanted.

Due to the fact Michell had suggested to , I had to re-shoot my video reference, and made an entire sketchbook from sketch ;)

I'm not happy at all with what I've come up with - the timing isn't right yet, the rough blocking is so rough... too rough, no arcs yet, and poses are missing (many of those which are already present are not strong enough). I have silhouette issues and probably would change my camera angle more to the side to get better silhouettes.


Two short films I really loved.

I really think I shouldn't add or say anything, just watch itm you'll see (and I'm sure you'll love it!)

Manipulation: (sorry, no link here)


Transformers 2 - already on its way...

Apparently there will be a sequel to the movie Transformers, which is on the writing phase for now, but the preparations had already begun.

Read more about it here:


Congratulations! I'm a Peer Buddy :)

I've decided to apply this semester as a peer buddy and to help out the lower classes (class 1 + 2) in anything I can to improve their animation.
I'll be getting 7 students and move on from there, hopefully I'll have enough time to see all their work (I'm sooooo busy at work, barely have time to work on my own stuff).


Third Semester - Introduction To Acting (Class 3 - Session 301)

It's been great to rest for a few days.... used all my spare time to finish reading the "animator survival kit" and I really enjoyed it.
My teacher for this semester will be Michell Meeker, which is behind the movies such as Shrek, the shirt movie by pixar - Geri's Game and the second and third movies from the trilogy The Lord Of The Ring.
Can't wait to meet my old buddies from AM as well meeting some new ones.
Oh! I also bought a new Intous 3 Wacome tablet (size A6 wide) and it's so great, I've made a little kinda vector drawing just for the fun of it and attached it here.


Spitty Pitt!

Recently I've been trying to learn new techniques for drawing in a vector methode while using Photoshop.
Anyway, this is my first try (the pencil sketch itself was made about a year ago or so but only now I've moved it into coloring).
Hope you'll like it!


Some old 3D work I've done

This is some old work I've done by modeling and sometimes addomg texture to it.
I'm aware they are not much, but at least I had fun making them :)
After showing it to some of the guys at work, I thought to my self "why the hell not share them with everyone"?, so here they are, hope you'll like them.

F-16 model

F-16 Firing a missile

A castle

A logo for a local TV show

Blub! (A silly short)


Transformers - Movie And Game

Blur studios had developed the trailer of the game Transformers which I think has a unique quality, and it looks amazing (I don't know about the game though - talking only about the trailer here).
Also you could find a link to the Art of the movie Transformers (I've seen it and it is very Very recommended you go see it!).



Ben Proctor - Portfolio:


Transformers - The Game

Blur studios had developed the trailer of the game Transformers which I think has a unique quality, and it looks amazing (I don't know about the game though - talking only about the trailer here).
Also you could find a link to the Art of the movie Transformers (I've seen it and it is very Very recommended you go see it!).


Ben Proctor - Portfolio:


Class 2 - Session 212

This is the last week for this class, and we only had to make a revision (took me two days, of tweaking, adjusting and changing stuff through out my entire animation).
We also had to make this class Progress Reel.
I feel I'll miss Gini, she was tough but I guess that is also one of her attribute, she never went soft on us, thus, pushing us to our limits is the best way to keep moving on and do the best you can!


Class 2 - Session 211

This week was our last week of polishing our third assignment, and also it's our last Q&A with Gini.
True we'll have another one on the next class, but it won't be a regular class, and it will be more for "In Conclusion" stuff and a walk through all we had learned this last semester.
Yesterday she gave us the opportunity to watch a few test and blocking poses she did on Ratatouille (it's a great movie, and if you haven't seen it yet - Go see it!!!), and it was amazing (I also had the chance of getting up early about a month ago and watch the live Q&A with the guys from Pixar who worked on the movie).
I was lucky enough to have two more free days to work on my polishing because of our holiday and I really hope this shot will (maybe) be a one I won't feel too bad about it, a shot I won't think what could I do better, what could I push more etc.
Gini is great and I really think I've learned so much from her, about pushing your poses, Ease In and Ease Out, "watch your spacing" (which I usually forget :) and also very important - Timing.
Gini needs to go back to work on Pixar's last film to come out soon "WALL-E" and I though to give you guys to video samples to see it, I already know I'll see it as it will be out on the screens :)


Class 2 - Session 210

This week was all about taking what we've learned and using it on our animation as we go into spline.
That means advanced arcs, anticipation, S&S overlapping etc.
I've spent a lot of hours just to fix problems I encountered when I moved from stepped into spline ( a lot of cleaning and tweaking).
It ain't perfect, but it's a start.


The Gorillaz meeting Manga style

I've seen this a few months ago.
It's a unique style which I liked to see on 3D, it's giving it.... another dimension into it :)

Check it out!


Class 2 - Session 209

Tha last week was so frustrated due to the reason my animation of the push was not selling, the reference (which I re-shot about 10 times over and over again) wasen't good enough and I just couldn't manage making the constraints between Stewie and the box he suppose to push. Each time I tried to have stewie touching the box, the box leaped forward and I couldn't work like this (I've wasted a whole day just trying to fix this problem, but eventually, I just had to move the box each time I needed it to move).
In the end, I've decided to make one last reference and study it as I never studied poses before (and believe me, it's not like I didn't study hard until now).
It took me 6 whole pages of posing, and work with my video reference very thorough until I'm quite happy with the result.


Class 2 - Session 208

This week we began our last assignment for the second class - I took the push task.
It's making a lot of troubles due to the reason, this time Stewie has hands, and when moving from blocking to spline, they go nuts! turning like a transformers part, shifting places, making me pull my hair out :)


My Drawings

Class 2 - Session 207

This week I had a lot to do - after class, I understood my blocking was incorrect.
The human body cannot bend in a cartoony way like I did in my blocking (by breaking the upper part of the torso).
I also finally managed to fix the counterbalance issue I didn't manage to fix since moving out of blocking plus.
This week was the final spline mode and moving into our last assignment for the semester - I've chose to have "push/pull a heavy object".


Making your own shot mask (frame counter)

First of all, I would like to personally thank a friend from AM who send me this - Tobias Von Burkersroda, for making a great effort to bring this tutorial to life, and for letting me post it here.

1. Create a Shot Mask in an empty file

2. Create Text ( Create --> Text Options)

3. Write '0123456789'

4. Select Poly

5. Click on the Arrow ans select your favorite text type

6. Select the created poly numbers

7. Delete the history (Edit --> Delete by Type --> History)

8.Delete the created curves

9. Select all numbers and center the pivot ( Modify --> Center Pivot)

10. Create a Locator

11. Snap all numbers to the Locator

12. Rename the numbers the same way like the numbers of the original Shot Mask

13. Pose them where you want them to be

14. Delete the original Shot Mask number

15. In the outliner move the numbers to the group where the original numbers had been.

16. Move the time Slider. First of three parts done :)

17. Delete the 'AM:digit_2' and 'AM:digit_3'

18. Duplicate 'AM:digit_1' two times and rename the copies to AM:digit_2' and 'AM:digit_3

19. move all the 3 AM:digit_x groups

20. If you have crated a cam, delete it and save the file

21. Go to your scene and import the frame counter and parent it under your Shot Cam

22. DONE ;)

Class 2 - Session 206

This week we had to finish the blocking plus.
We had a very interesting lecture by Wayne Gilbert, the author of the book ANAMIE - Simplified drawing for Planning Animation.
Wayne explained about weight, external and internal forces and the right way to move and give your character the right personality.

Here's a link to Wayne's book:


Class 2 - Session 205

This week is all about the blocking - make it with a good planning of poses, timing, and make it in stepped mode (like the beginning of the 180 degrees turn).


An AM get together session for a change :)

Today a few friends of mine which also study at AM (Shimi and Yair - same class as I) and myself, had decided to have a little get together in a pub.
It was really great! we've talked and laughed - had a lot of fun.
Here are the framing pictures :)

Oh! before I forget! here's a link to the short movie LIFTED by Pixar.
I'm proud to say my mentor - Gini Santos is the animation supervisor.