Now that is planning! (In a geeky funny sort of way)

I've surfed to Youtube to see what wonderful new reels were added lately by the students of AM.
I've found several good and funny reels, but those two below had really caught my eye, due to the planning of the sequencing between the exercises and the shots - creating a complete scene/reel!
A well done job :)


Russian Wall-E

This is one hell of a talented guy, who've seen Wall-E and decided to build one himself (that took him 18 days).

Watch it here:


Meet The Spy - Team Fortress 2

I never played Team Fortress 2, but I got to admit I want to due to the amazingly funny and well done characters.
You could really tell there was a lot of thinking about who are the characters, their inner way of thinking, their personalities and the way they would of moved if they were real (which is a lot of work when coming to animate a character - each one has it's internal force - why they move the way they move, who they are, what is their background in life, etc).

Anyway, enough talking :)

Enjoy it and the others on Youtube...


Is it just my imagination or do you see the similarities as well?

Here's is a clip with Monsters vs. Aliens amazing art work!
I can't wait to see this movie once it would be released to DVD (I'm afraid there wasn't an English speaking version, only the Hebrew version near by and I wouldn't go far just to see the movie... sorry).

The thing caught my eye was the earlier sketches of "The missing link", which I found making a strong resemblance to a picture I've drew about 4 years ago (I named it Skipper because it was something of a easy tempered mud-skipper).
I don't know how I didn't see it at first, but maybe it's just me :)

(featuring at time counter: 0:35 in the video below):

My version from 2005 (also can be found in "my drawing and sketches" tab:


This One Time - by Nelson Boles

Here's an amazingly cute, unique and different short film (which to me personaly reminded some japanis anime qualities) done by Nelson Boles - A student from Calarts.


This one time... from nelson boles on Vimeo.


Shhh.... not time for animation (the baby is sleeping!)

Sorry I didn't post anything in the last weeks, but as you can see - I got my hands full ;)
As much as I love animating, I'm actually pretty happy I don't need to animate anything at this time while my wife and I are still getting used to the new member in our little family (no time for anything else).
Adding this to the fact I haven't found the time to finish my baby girl's canvas painting and now I've also taken the upportuinity to design my sister's wedding invitation (yep, more great news), I can't seem to get things done as I wanted to, but I guess it's ok and I'm really blessed with a cute and amazingly addorable child.
Here are the characters I did manage to color and highlight in the last few days (when ever I got the spare time).