Class 3 - Session 304

I believe this is the week when I really feel a great change in my animation as I've began to polish it up, adding overlapping, pushing my poses more (and as always, I think I haven't push them enough) and start adding the little "cherries" like the fingers, the blinks and the subtle parts (hands closes, and open as the hand shifts its angle).
I'm not very happy with the fact that it's almost the end of the assignment and each week I keep on shifting my camera to have a more 3/4 perspective view, but I guess it won't be the last time it happens, and I just need to plan better (another thing I need to keep tell my self ;)

The next week should be dedicated to the end of the polish, the refining and (maybe even) a model of a scenery (romantic dinner table set for two?)

Wish me luck!


Class 3 - Session 303

This week we've learnt of gesture and body language, which gestures are cliche and uninteresting, twinning, and using fewer gestures (by avoiding hitting every single pharse).
I had to change a lot of parts in my animation, including the camera angle, watching my curves, silhouettes and beats/timing.
I've also cut out the kneeling part which didn't contribute anything to the animation itself and was pretty useless :)


Class 3 - Session 302

This week we had first blocking, using a new technique I never used before - Copied Pairs.

It's pretty similar to working in stepped mode, only I'm working in flat mode, thus, getting the timing much better because the poses doesn't stay static like in stepped mode.

Also, this is the first time I'm using FK on the hands instead of IK, and I must admit there are many advantages to it, and it's much faster for me to achieve the poses I wanted.

Due to the fact Michell had suggested to , I had to re-shoot my video reference, and made an entire sketchbook from sketch ;)

I'm not happy at all with what I've come up with - the timing isn't right yet, the rough blocking is so rough... too rough, no arcs yet, and poses are missing (many of those which are already present are not strong enough). I have silhouette issues and probably would change my camera angle more to the side to get better silhouettes.


Two short films I really loved.

I really think I shouldn't add or say anything, just watch itm you'll see (and I'm sure you'll love it!)

Manipulation: (sorry, no link here)


Transformers 2 - already on its way...

Apparently there will be a sequel to the movie Transformers, which is on the writing phase for now, but the preparations had already begun.

Read more about it here:


Congratulations! I'm a Peer Buddy :)

I've decided to apply this semester as a peer buddy and to help out the lower classes (class 1 + 2) in anything I can to improve their animation.
I'll be getting 7 students and move on from there, hopefully I'll have enough time to see all their work (I'm sooooo busy at work, barely have time to work on my own stuff).


Third Semester - Introduction To Acting (Class 3 - Session 301)

It's been great to rest for a few days.... used all my spare time to finish reading the "animator survival kit" and I really enjoyed it.
My teacher for this semester will be Michell Meeker, which is behind the movies such as Shrek, the shirt movie by pixar - Geri's Game and the second and third movies from the trilogy The Lord Of The Ring.
Can't wait to meet my old buddies from AM as well meeting some new ones.
Oh! I also bought a new Intous 3 Wacome tablet (size A6 wide) and it's so great, I've made a little kinda vector drawing just for the fun of it and attached it here.