First phase of polish

This is my first phase of polish, after adding the lip sync and the eye darts.
There are a few more things I wish to take care of such as the arcs, the subtlety of the lip sync (which gave me hell since he talks so fast, I had to try and blur over it) and I'm not too happy with the way the body parts move (as a unit).


Sketching the night away

I love this time at evening when I can take a bunch of pages and just sketch without thinking too much about anything in paticular... (usually my wife is sitting next to me, watching TV).


Great Idea For Animation (What The F*** Are You Doing?!)

I know it won't fit on a reel, but it sure gave me a good laughter since I recognized the audio clip straight away (Christian Bale getting totally mad at one of the Director of Photography on the set).
The Animatic looks excellent and I would really like to see it finished ;)

Watch it here:


Now You Listen To Me! (Blocking Plus)

I'm sorry I didn't got to work as much as I wanted on this shot, but for the most part I think it isn't very terrible (just slightly ;)
Here is the second path of my blocking, and I've also tried to get a long and moved out of blocking.
I still have to make some over lapping actions, making the arcs better, adding S&S and even more important - eye darts, blinks and ofcourse - Lipsync.

To be continued soon.... (I hope)

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs

Coming Soon and looking cool!!!

Watch it here:


La Maison En Petits Cubes - A Short Film

There is a unique slow rhythm to it, like only the french animators know how to make. I loved the way the movie takes the audience back in time, revealing more and more as we go on... and the music fits perfectly too, everything just... works!

I'm recommending to everyone to watch it.


Now You Listen To Me... (Rough Blocking)

Here are the first phase of blocking I've finally had time to start working on.
I took the advice of Jeremy and Doron's and tried to give him less poses and keeping him more self contained (since he is very angry but he tries to keep himself as calm as he can, while trying not to show how mad he really is).

I don't really know what I feel about this blocking, but I think it does look better than the animatic I've made with the thumbnails earlier which had much more poses in it.


An AM Meeting in Tel Aviv

Last Thursday we made an AM group meeting of all the Israeli students (and alumni).
It was a lot of fun, finally seeing the faces behind the names we've known for a long time, and also to know new people.

Thanks to Yair Mor who took those pictures.


2 CGI tests by Crew 972

Here are two cool animation tests, done by the talented guys at Crew972 from Israel.

Adrenaline Lemmings CGI test from Alex Orrelle on Vimeo.

Pocketbot Test by Crew 972 from Alex Orrelle on Vimeo.

The New UP Trailer is out

You got to check it out! The part with the talking dog (Squirrel!) cracked me up, no matter how many times I've seen it!

Just click the HD button (the one on top) of the first link.



The 11 Second Club - March - Thumbnails

Here are the poses I've decided to make as my main keys for this month's animation challenge at the 11SC.

Can't wait to sit down and start animate!


Happy Purim !

I know it might be a little early, but I couldn't wait... I had an itch to draw something for the holiday which will be here soon.
Generally, I hate clowns. When comes to think about it, I've never really liked them really - they always looked scary or just plain stupid.

Since purim is all about costumes, and well recognized with clowns, I've decided to "go with the flow" and make a quick drawing with a more nicer clown.

Happy Purim everybody!



Now you listen to me!

I've decided to participate in This month's competition in the 11 Second Club.
I thought it could be pretty funny if the menacing man will threaten non other than his dog (to be revealed at the long shot in the end).

I've sketched out some really rough thumbnails to start exploring the sequence, then take out some poses, put back in and shift their possitions.
For now I've only made it mostly golden poses and less inbetweens.

Getting There.... Slowly...

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been updating during the last two weeks.
It doesn't mean I haven't been working on my drawing - Here is a short snapshot of my current drawing project (it's a huge painting - about 7,000 px wide, and about 200 layers!).

It isn't finished yet, and I still find my self going back and forth here and there until I get what I wish to achieve, but I'm pretty happy with what I got so far.
I promise I'll upload several snapshots (or maybe just a one big picture) once I'll finish, showing every little detail (and trust me - there are quiet a few!).

Here is the first two animals and the locomotor...