My Class 4 Progress Reel

Nothing much to say - all of my animations that I've done, from the last one to the first one.

Class 4 - Progress Reel from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.

Class 4 - Session 412

This was a short week but I've decided to make a revision even though I didn't have a lot of time (only small changes that I guess I'm the only one who will notice them :)
Next week I'll begin my 5th semester - Class 5 - short film!!!!
I would have to come up with 5 (!) different stories which should take about 1 minute or so and it's so much harder than I thought it would be.

Wish me luck!


Class 4 - Session 411

This week I had to find a good rendering solution because the last tests (can be seen in class 410) I had weren't very good - they were dark and pale and sufferd of lack of depth .... actually, they suck :)

Anyway, I had help by many good people, but the biggest thank is to Shimi Volkovich which gave me a short round on Partical Illusion demo version which convaded the fire you'll see on the first shot.

I'll hope I would have enough time to fix the revision and re-render it all!


Class 4 - Session 410

This week was pretty fun! I was able to work out the arcs and the fingers offset - I love that stuff!
Anyway, I've also had the chance to work some more on my lightning of the scene, as well as the textures of Bishop and Brussels and even the rendering itself.

What do you think?


An Animation Party in Tel Aviv

This last Thursday we (myself, my wife - Moriah, Shimi Volkovich and Yair Mor) were invited to come to a party which had been organized by Alex Orrell - the president and CO-founder of one of the top animation studios in Israel - CREW972.
Alex is a former animator at Pixar's and had worked on films such as The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Boundin' and Monsters INC!!!
I've had the privilege to make my acquaintance and speak with him about my studies at Animation Mentor, my former mentor (class 2) - Gini Santos, and the future of my animation career.
He's such a great guy, fun to talk to and even introduced me to a few other people from the industry in Israel.
I'm so glad I could have been there that night :)

Attached is a link to CREW972 website and some pictures of that great evening.



Daphne's new broom - A short by Ales Mav

This film was done by an AM buddy I've met during my first class. It's always much more fun for me to watch an animation when I know the guy who did it.
Anyway - Hope you'll enjoy it!


Class 4 - Session 409

This week I hadn't the time I wanted to really work on the polishing and taking care of the arcs, overlapping fingers and wrist, etc.
However, I think the gesture of Bishop's holding his helmet while turning shamfully back to his shield do the trick.
Pretty soon (two more weeks) we'll have to finish our shot and I would need make some good textures to Bishop and Brussels... wish me luck!


Class 4 - Session 408

This week I had to re-block a few of my poses and to start my lip sync (not mentioning the move into spline mode).
Sounds easy? well I can sure say it was not (and as always - I don't like my animation, nor where it's going and think I could have done things much better if I could begin from scratch).