Teasing Pixar’s Up

Here's is an article about the next feature film to come out next year - Up.
You could also see a very short Teaser, which as always, looks lovely (even when there isn't a lot going on).

Check it here!


Class 6 - Session 604

This week we had to move into blocking plus, and upload the first third of our short.
Finally, I had the time to work on my animation as I should have (and since I've seen Wall-e and The dark night, I was afraid I won't make it).
Well, as usual, it's far from being perfect as I wanted it to be, but I think that for the most parts it looks pretty good.
I haven't added the arcs yet, since we are only in blocking plus stage, but soon enough I intend to work on it.
I've also got some great comments from my mentor and friends which, if I'll animate well, could lift up the movie to a higher level, but it also causes me to change stuff I should of consider from the beginning....

Untitled from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.

Anyway, here goes...

Oh!!! And before I forget, I've found this amazing piece of "commandments" for the artist, which are so applying to me, it made me laugh (I'm not the only one who feels this way - I feel the first few lines were written about me :)


I hope you like pain!

This clip was just too good to miss :)
So what if it's not about animation? There are some golden ideas for animation here which you could use in the future :)
One of them even reminded me of an animation test a friend of mine had done during class 3.


Monsters vs Aliens! Meet the characters

Here are the first samples of the the movie by Dream Works, including the names of the voice actors behind the characters.



A moment of satisfaction

Here's a little short my little sister took. She decided to teach our family's dog to "speak" when ever she asked it.
In hebrew "Tagidi" means "speak" so you could get the picture, each time I see this clip, it makes me want to go back home :)

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do!


I've finally seen Wall-e

I must admit that since Pixar releases their new master piece it's the kids holiday in Israel, and since Pixar's movies are for kids as well as adults, it ruins my fun when there is a big bunch of kids that are laughing at the wrong places or shouting, or speaking with their mobiles, etc. That is why I usually tend to wait until the movie will play for a week or two and only then I could go and enjoy the movie as I wish.
Anyway, finally yesterday evening I went with my wife and Shimi to see it - and it's amazing.
There were many parts I really liked, and the small gags worked well.
However, I feel there was something missing in the total of the movie, some void I can't put my finger on it. It could be just me, maybe it's because I was dead tired, who knows? But I think Rat' had something extra Wall-e doesn't posses.
Don't get me wrong! It's an amazing film, and if I could, I would go and see it again (and probably like it even more after seeing it for the second time) - it's very recommended.
The way they gave Wall-e and Eve emotions and expressions (by only using the lens for Wall-e, or the "eyes" for Eve), and with out the ability to speak more than one word to express their selfs - this is where the art of Pixar comes to shine!

In short - Go see it :)

Class 6 - Session 603

This was my most toughest and roughest week since I've joined AM.
I had to re-do most of my short (I've yet to finish, I had it as minimal as I had to in order to keep with in the dead line zone).
My mentor wanted me to change stuff, and I guess it shouldn't be too unpredictable when you have two different mentors working with you on you short, since my former mentor had approved stuff that my current mentor did not, thus, changing my plans, and making me block stuff differently than I had done before.
I intend to use the upcoming weeks for blocking plus to re-shape things up and I hope it would turn out for the best.

Wish me luck!

Class 6 - Session 603 from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.


Angus MacLane of Pixar - An Interview

Here is a very interesting interview I've found on Victor Navone's blog about the making of Wall-e, the way Pixar works and more.

Read it here


Setting my mind free...

While I was listening to my weekly lecture at AM, I've decided to let my mind and hand do some doodles with my Wacom. It wasn't suppose to be something specific something I would put effort into, just doodles (I've loved doing this even when I was a kid I must admit).
Anyway, I don't really know WHY or even WHAT I've gotten finally once the lecture ended (don't be alarm, I'm not a freak) but I've enjoyed the ride still!


Class 6 - Session 602

This was a very hard week for me. I had tons of stuff to do on my animation since I got many phisical acting and I still haven't got all figured out as I wanted (That means I'm well aware how crappy it looks :)
The good news is that I the hardest part is behind me (well, at lest I hope it is) and I only have the part when he get's hit by the cans (twice) and falls on his back so I guess due to the reason my rough blocking isn't very rough but more a kind of blocking plus phase, maybe it isn't so bad after all?



Get it while it's hot - I can't wait to go seeing this on the big screen already!


Class 6 - Session 601

Finally, getting into animation (not just blocking for layout stages) - I've really missed it a lot!
This week we had to start the first 1/3 of our short movie, as a rough blocking, but I couldn't help myself and had to add more stuff up to better show (and understand) how things should look.
As always, I'm not sure It looks so well, and I guess there will be tons of stuff I'll change during the end, but for now it communicates quite clearly so I'll leave it as it is (that and the fact I won't be at home until tomorrow in the evening - pass my deadline ;)

Kong Fu Panda - Go see it!

Yesterday I've went with my friend Shimi (which is also a student at AM, and we're in the same class actually) to see Kong Fu Panda.
I must say, I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did. I mean, after all DreamWorks made many movies during the last years, yet I couldn't find any of them to be as special and as unique as Shrek was (and I mean the first one in the series).
I think the movie is much more than entertaining; it's was funny, soooo well animated (the squash and stretch they've done with Po was very appealing to watch since he's so flabby) and everything just works together so well!!! (I don't think it would have been the same or even close if it wasn't Jack Black in the roll of Po).
Anyway, enough talking - go see it, I highly recommend it:)


Off topic, yet interesting

Here's a little something I've found on one of the forums which I've decided to post.
It isn't animation, yet by using this level of editing, he could master stop motion like it was nothing :)
This is one of those clips I think you either must love it, or really can't stand it.
Anyway, pop up the volume and watch it until the end (the part with the piano really nice).


Class 6 here we go!!!

Last night I've began my last semester - class 6 (I still finds it hard to believe it's already here) and I've met my mentor (but due to some serious lag problems, I couldn't speak with him normally).
My mentor is Brian Mendenhall and he worked on Constantine, Charlotte's web, Hellboy (the first film) and Starship troopers 2.
Anyway, we (the class) spoke about what animated movies we like, got to know each other, where are we from etc - and it was pretty nice, since most of the class are buddies of mine from recent semesters, and I've missed speaking with them.

This week is the beginning of blocking - finally some real animation to do (I've missed that... it felt weird not animating for so long!)