Are You Jitling Me?! (January Competition In The 11 Second Club)

Hi everybody!
I'm sorry I didn't post anything lately, but I've been pretty busy, so I couldn't even use the right amount of time to work on my scene for the 11 second club.
If that isn't enough, I encountered some major bugs I've never seen before (and frankly... I think Maya doesn't likes me anymore - or it she ever?).

There for, I've decided to work on the speaking character and I didn't get to work on the polish as I wanted... but that isn't so bad, there is always another competition each month!

A special thanks to Jeremy Shaw which gave me several good pointers.

Hope you'll like it :)


Quick Lip Syncing

Since I need to go for the weekend, and won't have a lot of time, I tried to work as fast as I could on the lip syncing (which as always, never perfect... I know)
Anyway, Next I'm about to go back and try to change the final version of the animation when the girl says: "Jilting me" as Jeremy had suggested.


First Phase Of Polish

I didn't have a lot of time to work on my animation, and if that isn't enough, I've decided to change about a third of my animation (after receiving a few great suggestions).

I just finished working on the first phase of my animation. I didn't even get to work on the lip sync yet, and if I'll have enough time (hopefully) I'll have time to work on the little over laps on the fingers, etc.


Patriot - Animated Short by Roy Iddan

This is a 2d short film, which I really liked and thought you might like it as well:
A veteran of the German army of WWI, Jewish by origin, finds himself a prisoner in a Nazi German concentration camp during WWII. His only possession is his Iron Cross medal, which one day - out of sheer despair, he decides to wear outside for inspection. This act leads to a series of random, seemingly unconnected elements to come together.

Patriot - Animated Short by Roy Iddan from Captain_Fantasy on Vimeo.


Are You Jilting Me?

As I've said in my earlier post, I have decided to participate in the January competition at the 11 Second Club.
I've began to work on my first phase of blocking (aka Rough Blocking).
Pay no attention to the fact that the girl is on Linear mode while the guy is on Stepped mode (and there for looks like a cut animation).
I'll try and work harder on it during this weekend!


It Is Time...

I'm not ok.
It's been too long, way too long since I've touched Maya and done anything with the animation skills I've developed during a year and a half at AnimationMentor.
So, after a pretty long time out, I've decided to start animating again (unfortunately I don't work as an animator), and I'm already feeling a little rusty.
I've joined January's competition... just to get things going again.


A funny new clip by the Plankton Invasion (introducing the clams)

Some of you may know who are the plankton invasion and therefor enjoy it even more.
Anyway, here's a funny short clip to wish us a warm year- I recommend to watch it till the end :)

Watch it here :