Stay Cool!

Finally! I've finished to render and edit it all. My short, the final project I've been working on during classes 5+6 in Animation Mentor is finally done!
I think it came out all right.
I would like to especially thank for the amazing help my class 5 mentor gave me - Elliot M. Bour (yes, he is "Dr." E. M. Bour ;)
He's not only a great mentor, but also multi-talented and a super positive guy, and an amazing person to speak with (and he also has a terrific sense of humor).
Thanks Elliot, I couldn not have done that with out you!

Stay Cool - A Short Film from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.


Shana Tova!!!

For those of you who read this blog and can't read hebrew; we celebrate Rosh Ha'Shana (new year) ,by eating apples in honey and greeting each other (hopefully without the worm ;)
so, Happy New Year everybody!!!


Happy Birthday Grampa!

My grampa is about to become 80 years old (he's being married to my grandmother for nearly 60 years!!!), so we are prepering a big party for the occasion and I've decided to try and make a caricature of him, which would be on a presentation we'll show to the entire family.
I got it pretty close but I didn't want to make it look "too clean", so instead I wanted to try something else - a totaly different workflow in PS I've never tried before and keep using the pencil sketch instead of copying it, just keep painting above it.

Anyway, here it is :)

Oh, and by the way - yes, he does have all this hair ON his nose ;)

Here's an update, I've put up an old picture which was taken sometime during 1980 I think, showing both my grandparents with me (I was such a chubby Budhaa ;).


While I Render...

Since I had to render all my shots in a full high definition quality, it takes too much time to do (actually, the entire week).
I've decided to continue doing some doodling with a pen and a pencil.
I've came up with some weird series ouf similar creatures which some of them looks a little like Sid the sloth combination with the pleasent citizens of Whosville ;)

By the way! I'm trying to make some changes in my blog, and as from today you could easily be updated with everything new going on with it, so try it and let me know what you think!


Mr. Gunther - A Blast From The Past

Here's a little something I've "raised from the dead".
It was a few years ago, when I've needed to make a character and build it in Maya as a 3D model.
Well, The model was nice, but I liked the sketching process much more than the modeling process.
Since the pencil sketch looks pale and isn't very interesting, I've wanted to see if I could give it some colors and breath some life into it(and stil, not too much - I would like to leave him scary looking and green).



Bolt - A New Clip

Here's a new clip from the upcoming movie BOLT.
The animation looks great, and I just hope the story would work well enough (or else it would be like Chicken Little).

Watch it here:


Testing, Testing, 1...2...3...

Here are af few quick renders I've tried to do in order to see how it would look like.
I've spent way too much time on this and still I don't feel I'm quite there yet.
Oh well, I'll have to take it easy and keeo working on the rest (some last polishing stuff on the animation).
I've decided to render it all in HD (I'm trying to think ahead) so I'll need some more time to finish all of it in a resolution of 1280x720 pixels.

By the way, I've recorded a few sounds FX at home in order to edit them and use them on my short. It's amazing how much it contribute to the animation!

What do you think?



Here's a little something I've done to free my mind of animation a little (I've been working on refining and tweaking my short for the last two days), just before I decide I won't touch it anymore and start the rendering process.
Anyway, the sketch/doodle was done by pencil on paper, and the rest was done in Photoshop.

Hope you'll like it!


Class 6 - Session 611

This is it! The last assignment! I can't believe it after doing it in such an intense way for the last 18 months!
It's weird, I can't really remember how it was before AM :)
I don't really know what to say, I was thinking about it for so long and had so much things to say, but now when the real moment of truth had arrived, I'm a little confuse.
Well, maybe I'll have a rain check on that, since it really isn't over. I mean, I have more things to tweak and polish (there are always stuff to keep refining) and besides - I have to make the rendered version and edit my complete AM reel!
Anyway, this is my final version for now. I don't think there would be a lot of changes to it since I've been working about it for the last 6 months - it's been too long :)


Oh Bubba!

Don't get used to it ;) but since I could manage a few more minutes of spare time, I've decided to make another drawing...
Again, starting from doodling random lines, until I could find something I like enough to start refining.
Anyway, here it is.

I'll be happy to make a tutorial about how I work in order to make these drawings (Benny, that would be for you and for Avner). But I'll do it only in a few weeks from now (I still have so much stuff to animate on my short!).



Another day, another drawing

I had some time off at work, thought about doodle straight into Photoshop.
Eventually, this is what I got.
I kinda had my grampa in mind while making it (with the Romanian mustache, the loose hair and the shirt).



Here's a little something I've done during the evening.
I had a few spare hours on my hands so I've decided to try and do something different.
I'll be happy to hear what you think!


Class 6 - Session 610

It's almost here, I can't believe it... I can see the end coming, and I'm beginning to feel confused.
Why? Because the last 18 months were such an amazing journey for me, I can't really remember where I was before beginning it. Pretty soon (two weeks from now) I'll have to say goodbye to my classmates; some of them I've had the honor of sharing all my semesters (and even when our ways had to split into different classes with different mentors, we kept visiting each other workspace and to be in touch).
I don't want this to be the GREAT AM ALUMNI SPEECH but when we are so close to the finish line, it's hard not to think of it.
Of the other hand, I can't wait to finish my short and not working on it anymore (after 6 months of work on the same 1 minute short, a guy could really use a break or at least - something fresh and new :)

Anyway, this week we had to continue our polish and upload our first half of the short. I added some new stuff to the 4th shot. I've never used eye darts before, and only in the last couple of months I've came to realize - adding eye darts is HUGE! (it's my new "thing" after adding the slight overlaps in the fingers :D) and It's amazing how much life it breathes into your character and helps in keeping it alive!



I know it's pretty old stuff but what can I say? I love Ardman's work and I love Star Wars, so how bad could it be to mix them together? Any way, I think it's funny :)

And here are some more sketches I've done while listening to this week's great lecture about the studios and the industry. Hope you'll like them :)

Class 6 - Session 609

This is my first phase of polish for the last third of my short.
There's much to do, and I guess I won't finish everything by the time the semester would end (but I'll do my best!).
Anyway, that isn't important right now, I'm optimistic and hoping this short would look funny and fun to watch by the time I'll finish it.