My Road Runner Showreel

I've been waiting for this moment for more than a year to finally see my work broadcasted on Cartoon Network.
I had an amazing time and the greatest privilege to be working with some of the best people in the animation industry here in Israel (Crew972).
I've learned so much and also had the opportunity to fulfill a dream and to work on one of my childhood most beloved TV show - The Road Runner Cartoons.

Here is the reel I've made, which represents some of my best work, and I hope you'll enjoy it.


Looney Tunes: VES Submission

I can't remember how long it's been since I've seen such an amazing looking rig.
It looks so much fun to animate it :)

Btw - There are also comp and other samples, but the animation and rigging part was just so cool!!!



Simon's Cat in 'Double Trouble'

It's been I while since I've last watched a funny short of "Simon's Cat", it's always makes me lough to see all the small details of cats behaviors he's getting and applying into his animation :)


T-Rex [Polishing]

I had the time to sit at home today due to an injury I got a few days ago, which was the time I needed to finish the animation test of this cool T-rex rig.

I don't think I'll want to keep working at it any more, so I believe this is a far as I'll go with it.


Poos in Boots

The original commercial is even better than the parody they keep making about it.
Here is the newest by DreamWorks :)


T-Rex [Smoothing]

Here is the smoothing part where I'm pretty happy with most of the animation, however I still have many things that bugs me and I'll get to fix on the polish phase.

If only I had more time!


T-Rex (Rough Blocking)

Here's a test of a rough test of the T-Rex rig I got.
Since I've seen this rig, I couldn't wait to try it and now finally I got the time to give it a chance.
I only hope I'll get to polish it as I want to.


The Art of Art (or The Mechanics of Inspiration)

During the last year, I had the privileged of reading, remarking, and in the end even be in charge of the graphic design of this wonderful book "The Mechanics of Inspiration" which was written by a good friend and collegue of mine - Doron Meir.

This book takes us through the creative process from the beginning - the idea it self,  until the final product, no matter if it's animation, a piece of music, a sculpture of any other creative work.
The book itself is written in Hebrew but I highly recommend it and you are more than welcome to check out his blog regrading his book.
I hope you'll enjoy it as I have.


A Post Regarding Animation For A Change!

I admit, I had no time lately to post anything meaningful on my blog, it's been a long and tough time (and it isn't about to change soon I'm afraid), but finally I've seen something that I had to share - the showreel of Daniel Peixe.

In case you didn't get the chance to see the movie Tangled, I really reccommend it, since it's been done wonderfully in every aspect: animation, story, character design and set... just really appealing to watch!

Take a look here


How To Steal Like An Artist

I've read this a few months ago, maybe longer... can't remember.
Each time I read it, it made even more sense to me - nothing is original, so you are not really stealing anything, you are just making the same idea but in a different (just like the guy you copied his work did).

I think there are some really good advice here!


Silly Stickers

I had a free hour last night, and since I've been an admire of the cartoony style and minimal lines of Jelle Gijsberts, I've wanted to give it a test and see how it would look like if I'll do something similar, using clothing textures and the stickers pop out groovy look.
It was a great fun having this test just for kicks :)


My works are on Zazzle.com!

After several weeks of working on my virtual store on Zazzle.com, I'm finally feeling pretty good with publishing it on my blog.
It's called DESIGN CUBE, and I would also like to take the opportunity to thank Gabi for the tip!

I've also started up a new blog to keep everyone posted regarding what's new on my store so people could follow which new products are featuring.

I hope you'll find it interesting and beneficial, and  I'll be happy to hear what you guys think!



Turtle On A Swing!

I've kept it too long by not posting it on time.
This is a canvas painting (digital on canvas to be more accurate) which I made about a month ago as a present to my newly born niece - Noam.
By the way, soon I'll be sharing a link to my new upcoming virtual store where this painting and many more could be purchased to your needs!



Another Devil (and a frog for a change)

I really should be getting more sleep... These are getting weird :)

A birthday present

My sister's husband was celebrating his birthday a week ago. This is what I made for him - a cool present (ok... well... it was her idea), just like she asked for.


Digital Painting and Podcast

This isn't new to me. but it sure keeps me inspired (and perhaps it would be new to you).

Some Sketches...

Recently while looking for some stuff, I found my last sketchbook which I haven't used since I left Crew972.
Here are some old sketches I liked the most, scanned them and brought them into Photoshop to give them some life in colors.

I'll try to keep posting them once in a while when I'll make new ones.


Rango - 6 Minutes of the movie

Rango seems to be one of the most refreshing 3D movies of the era so far. It seems to be original, looks amazing and everything just seems amazing!

Here is the clip.

Rango - Zes Minuten Uit De Film! - 2 maart in de zalen
Uploaded by WTBBelgium. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.


Zelda 25th Anniversary Amazing Artwork - Making of

Even though I never played any Zelda game before, This workflow was too amazing not to share along.

I just can't understand how the hell this artists work so deep and so fast, it seems as if the planning was done around 95% in his head and only 5 on the canvas!

Check it out!


Rango - Behind The Scenes

The more I see clips of this movie, the more I like it :)
Here is a behind the scenes short clip.