A little test of technique

Tried painting in a different technique. I don't feel very strong about it but I'll give it a go anyway.

What do you think?


Cloudy 2 Is Almost Here!

After seeing the first one, and absolutely LOVING IT, I can't wait to see the second one which will soon be here.

Here are two clips from the movie...


Is it a rhino? Is it a dinosaur? well... it's practice

It really isn't matter, I just wanted to try and change my working technique while coloring, less cartoony with line arts, and more shadows and highlights....

What do you think?


Boulder - my character for the X-Men competition

I've decided to participate in a competition of making a new X-Men character.
Here are a few drawing phases (roughly skipped I'm afraid) I was going through from sketch to the final drawing.
I admit, if only I had some more time I would keep on going and add some more details).

Phase 1: Sketching with my tablet straight to the computer, trying to get an interesting form while keeping a clear silhoutte as possible.

Phase 2: After making the basic lines I added blocks of color to the different parts using the artline.

Phase 3: Adding more details and especially shadows and highlights.

Phase 4: Smoothing the shadows and highlights and tweaking the saturation and hues.

Phase 5: Combining the background and adding little effects to better the composition


My Character Design For Grand Games

I had the pleasure to design a star shaped character for this short and fun little project.

I was responsible only for the character design (illustration).
Directed by: Tal Peled
Production: RolanPeled


Game For Android I'm Working On

I'm working on a cool game for Anroid and I'm proud to present a new artwork to be used as a reference for one of our main characters - Poesidon.


Advanced Polishing with Michal Makarewicz from Pixar Animation Studios

Here is a short clip (around 8 minutes time) which was one of my most favorites clips at the time I was a student at AM.
Now that it's published, I'm very happy to share this clip with you guys.



Frame by Frame Animation Clips

Frame by Frame

I've recently found this page today, which let's us watch many animated clips (many of them are disney's classics) with a frame by frame snapshots.

Some of the clips shows well the animation principles and it's very pleasing to watch...

Frame By Frame



I've waited for a long time to finally see this (by now all I've seen was the techniques they used to creat a 2D look using a 3D softwares) and it was worth it.

Disney, once again reminding us who is the best in the 2D business!