Stay Cool is now online in HD

Hi everyone. This week I'm thrilled to announce two great news.
I've been asked to show my short film Stay Cool in public, one is at The International Festival For Cinema and Technology (coming this February in LA) and I've also been asked to show it on Openfilm (which you could watch it at 1280x720 px, and in smooth streaming).

The link to my channel at Openfilm:



My Biggest Drawing Project - An Update

As some of you may remember, I've decided to try and make a wide picture, to be printed on canvas and placed in my soon to be born - baby girl's room (once we'll move and have a room for her).
I've began working on the outer strokes and most basic colors (which isn't final yet either), and here are the characters after first pass of work on them.

Hope you'll like them ;)


Border - A Short Clip

Here's a short clip by a student of VFS named Bastiaan van Rooden.
I really liked the art and especially the music of the film (but I liked the animation too ;)

Watch it here:


Open Season 2 - A New Trailer

Here's the link to the new upcoming sequel Open Season 2.
I liked the first movie ,and after having the honor of having my class 5 mentor (Elliot M. Bour) working on it (you could find his storyboards on his site), I think it's going to be a fun movie.

Watch it here: