A Short - Break Ultime

Here is a funny short film, that really made me lough.
I liked the camera movements and angles on this short - you can really tell someone has put his mind into every small detail here! Look at the use of the pupils dialation in order to show different mental states and the caricatures of the annoying people in this guys office.

Class 4 - Session 403

This was the last class we'll get to work on our monologue animation (Don't knock) and I can't say I'm feeling it's completed.... there are always so many things needs more tweaking and changing...


Class 4 - Session 402

This session we had to improve and refine our lip sync and facial expressions with the tips Michelle gave us (it was the last class we had with Michelle and from now on - we will be with Raquel Cohello which is my new mentor).
We also had an assignment to pick to pictures and try give the same essence of expressions with the rig of Bishop. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
Next session (403) would be the last session we would get to work on my "Don't Knock" animation.... I don't feel so good about it, there are so many things yet to change and improve!


Cycle - A short movie

This movie was being made by an Israeli guy which studies at Pratt (USA).
His name is Guy Bareli, and I believe him to be a multi-talented person (3D/2D animator and a concept artist/Illustrator), so I wouldn't be surprised to hear he was picked up to work at Pixar, Disney or any other major studio.
Enjoy the movie!

Visit his blog!


Class 4 - Session 401

After a long period of vacation from school, we've returned to work on our animation in full throttle.
We finally began to work on our facial animation, which is actually I new Bishop to work with (in the old version we work on last semester we couldn't do much besides moving the jaw).
It's amazing! It's so fun! This I believe to be the most important element in the animation which brings it to life!
So it's not much yet, but all we had to do is to block in the right vowels (which actually most of them aren't existing because you need the mouth to move as if the words you hear really being made by it, but actually most of the words are in a blur phase between the vowels so the lips should be seeing and all the rest is not as important!
I intend to keep on fixing the new eye problem I have now that I've added the brows, but I think I'm definitely getting there :)


BBC audio article about Animation Mentor

I'm proud to present you an article which has some information about Animation Mentor, and even has Shimi (a good friend of mine and a fellow classmate) talking to Michelle Meeker which were my Class 3 mentor.

Want to hear it?

Another day, another wallpaper

I was ill and stuck at home, so I thought maybe I'll try to make another wallpaper (after the warm comments you guys gave the first one).


My first Wallpaper

I've always loved that cool clean type of Apple, that amazingly beautifully designed Wallpapers and colors.
Well, I've thought of trying making one myself, and I think it came out pretty nice for my first wallpaper.
What do you think?

I've made this version for wide screen which is perfect for my wide screen screen I have at work (1920x1200 px), but feel free to use it, change it and do what ever you like with it, just download it, and you are set to go!