An AM get together session for a change :)

Today a few friends of mine which also study at AM (Shimi and Yair - same class as I) and myself, had decided to have a little get together in a pub.
It was really great! we've talked and laughed - had a lot of fun.
Here are the framing pictures :)

Oh! before I forget! here's a link to the short movie LIFTED by Pixar.
I'm proud to say my mentor - Gini Santos is the animation supervisor.




Class 2 - Session 204

This week was all about refining our animation after moving into spline mode.
We also had to start our new assignment, and here are the pick list:

1 - run (3 cycles)
2 - jumping above a gap
3 - jumping on and off a box
4 - jumping between posts (this is the one I took because it looks the most difficult
one of them all).

We also had to make video reference of it, and making at list 2 sketchbooks.

180 Degrees turn from Ziv Ariely and Vimeo.


Class 2 - Session 203

This week was all about making the blocking better, meaning - better timing, stronger / correct poses, add the inbetweens and the overlapping into the animation.
In the beginning I didn't understand what else should I add or do, but apparently there is kinda a lot of things which I needed to change. I'm not sure it was enough but I believe when I'll be moving into the finish stage which involves cleaning and more tweaking, only then I'll know exactly what I've done wrong or what I could have done better.

Class 2 - Session 203 (blocking+) from Ziv Ariely and Vimeo.


Class 2 - Session 202

Ok! I must admit this week really took my breath away, and it was not because of the hard work I usually put into my work, no, It was because I DID NOT PLAN as I should.
It's a good lesson to everything in life, especially when coming to begin your animation!
My planning was to be above the minimum amount of 100 frames (should of been 100-200 frames total) but I'm afraid most part of my animation was not very smart due to an extremely slow 180 which led to a very short of animation.
I had to do everything all over again, and add to it a short walk in the beginning.
This part was extremely hard, and I'm actually glad I had to do it, since I've learned my lesson (I hope so :).
This is my blocking so far for week 202.

180 turn - session 202 from Ziv Ariely and Vimeo.


Class 2 - Session 201

This week's we had an easy start: I had to take a shot of my self doing one of the three tasks:
1) Taking a big step to the side
2) kicking a ball
3) doing a 180 degrees turn (which is the hardest to get, and that is what I decided to do eventually).

Anyway, I took a few shots (about 20 or so), and chose the one which looks as it has been taking from a horror comedy feature, with a slow double take turn to the back and a quick turn.
Next we had to make a minimum of at least two pages of sketches - taken from the video reference which later on the week to come next, will be the thumnails I will use to block my Ballie figure.


Second Semester - Body Mechanics

Hey guys, did you miss me?
Finally, I've began my second semester on AM and this one will be all about BODY MECHANICS.
I also got a new mentor, and she seems great - Gini Santos.
Gini is currently working in Pixar (it's a small place but I believe you may heard about it :), and worked on feature films such as Toy Story 2, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles and more!
I hope I will enjoy this semester as I did in my last one and ofcourse as always, your humble servant will keep you posted on his blog.