Poos in Boots

The original commercial is even better than the parody they keep making about it.
Here is the newest by DreamWorks :)


T-Rex [Smoothing]

Here is the smoothing part where I'm pretty happy with most of the animation, however I still have many things that bugs me and I'll get to fix on the polish phase.

If only I had more time!


T-Rex (Rough Blocking)

Here's a test of a rough test of the T-Rex rig I got.
Since I've seen this rig, I couldn't wait to try it and now finally I got the time to give it a chance.
I only hope I'll get to polish it as I want to.


The Art of Art (or The Mechanics of Inspiration)

During the last year, I had the privileged of reading, remarking, and in the end even be in charge of the graphic design of this wonderful book "The Mechanics of Inspiration" which was written by a good friend and collegue of mine - Doron Meir.

This book takes us through the creative process from the beginning - the idea it self,  until the final product, no matter if it's animation, a piece of music, a sculpture of any other creative work.
The book itself is written in Hebrew but I highly recommend it and you are more than welcome to check out his blog regrading his book.
I hope you'll enjoy it as I have.