Alexiss is on the news!

This was a link I've foudn on Bobby's Beck blog.
Alexiss is a student I know (right now she is about to end Class 4) and she is damn good!
Here's a link to a report about Animation Mentor which was broadcasted over the news in the U.S.


Class 3 - Session 308

This was a hard week. We had to continue the blocking from last week, and start adding the ease in & out, more inbetweens and of course to fix the previous week (no revision yet).

It took me so long to fix the weight, the arcs and generally the poses as well.... but I think it looks better now, even though it far from being perfect. What do you think?

I've also started to check out my eyes reference. Here are a few sketches I've made just to begin exploring the shapes and feelings they produce.


Class 3 - Session 307

Finally moving into Dialogue! and having Bishop to begin with is absolutely great! This character is so much complex and versital, Can't wait to give it it's expressions on the next class (right now we only control the eyes).

Class 3 - Session 306

This week we had to make last adjustments on our revision and finally.... start moving into dialogue!
We've learned about how to animate ideas instead of words and how to choose a good audio clip to animate later on.


Class 3 - Session 305

I had such a busy weekend, almost didn't have time at all to work on my animation but I've managed to scratch some hours here and there after all.
I took care of my arcs (it's isn't perfect - I'm sure of it) and some more tweaking like overlapping on the fingers.
It probobly won't be the last time I'll work on this animation - I guess a revision is coming soon :)