I'm A Dad!!!

This is the most important issue I had ever posted here on my blog: two days ago I became a father to a little baby girl!
Since the labor was very hard and long (lasted nearly two days) and we also encountered some complications during the birth, I had no time to sit infront of the computer and type this.
She is an adorable little baby, nearly ever crying (except if something REALLY bogging her) and looks just like her pretty mother :)
It was the most incredible day of my life and I can't wait to go back to the hospital and see her again. Hopfully she'll be home soon once they'll release us.


Two challenges!

Animation Lab is a an animation studio located in Jerusalem, here in Israel.
They are working on a feature film and are about to recruit artists in different fields such as characters modelers, storyboard artists, animator and more.
They are doing this challenge in order to pick the people they see fit to invite and learn the way they work as a big animation studio (and maybe even invite us to work once the course will be over).
Since my life's dream is to work as an animator on a feature film, I thought it would be a mistake for me not to try and take this opportunity.
I've decided to participate in two challenges, both in fields of my personal interests: Story-boarding, and of-course, animation.

We had to take a specific israeli song by Danny Sanderson and create a story board to its lyrics.
Here is the Storyboard:

and here's a clip I did with the same drawings:

Shir Roim from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.

We needed to download a character which was made specifically for this animation challange - the 3D boy (made by the talented Rafi benaharon), and to animate it to the monologue they gave (the 3D boy is a super-animation-geek, so it was a lot of fun for me to animate).

Here is the animation test I've done:

Animation Lab Challenge - Animation Test from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo.


Afikoman says "Happy Passover!"

Hey everyone.
I would like to present the world with my new "super hero" - Afikoman ;)
Naaaa, just kidding around (thought it could be funny to those of get it).
To those of you who celebrate passover... have a great holiday


What is Your Workflow to Polish a Shot? What Makes it Polished? by Dana Boadway

Here are a few wonderfull tips and tricks I've read on Shawn kelly's blog, regarding the work when polishing your shot (I'll try to apply them to my next animation):

Check it out here: