Character Design Challenge - Robots And Androids, Augost 2017

Nearly made this one! Well, since last month I didn't even try participating I guess it's an improvement.

Oh well... enough babbling.... here's my silly robot.


Sillyhouette challenge by Patri Balanovsky

I admit I really like participaing in these challenges... it keeps my head working extra hard trying to see the shapes in the given silhouette and searching for the story behind them...

If you're interested, check it out here.


Boss Baby Animation & Reference Reel 1

I've seen this video reference on FB made by Anthony Hodgson and Rani Namaani. I miss animating, especially the subtle micro expressions when you are being sucked into the face and eyes of the character and really connect with its mind set and feelings...

I also loved recording awkward video reference ;)

Anyway... enough talking. Watch this and enjoy ;)


Character Design Challenge -Egyptian Gods, June 2017

Even as a kid I remember loving the Egyptian Gods mythology, especially their character design (ofcourse, as a ned, I never once missed an episode of Stargate)... Well, I was thrilled to participate in this months theme for the Character Design Challenge ... For a change, I wanted to get a out of my comfort zone, so I picked a female character, and tried using Affinity Designer & Affinity Photo and trying a new technique for coloring which I learned from the great colorist Kurt Michal Russell (I really recommend you to check  out his Youtube channel!).

It was very educational and fun!

I give you... Bastet.


Character Design Challenge - Game of Thrones, April 2017

I had a lot of fun doing this one, since I always loved the character design of the white walkers...
Here is my submission of the night king - leader of the white walkers and not a bad ice skater in his free time ;)


Character Design Challenge - Carnival of Venice

Here's this months Character Design Challenge. I must admit I didn't think like participating at start, but when I've started sketching that cool pigeon, I could resist finishing it :)

Press here to check my entry.


Tamar's Drawing

I've discovered this drawing of my daughter's (which I thought was pretty interesting), so I've decided to re-make it just for fun in my own style...
It went a little Dr. Seuss eventually... I think ;)

For more of my drawings please click here.


Colouring Practice

I've been practicing with colouring this sketch made by the talented Patricio Marcello Balanovsky.

Had a lot of fun in the process... hope to make more of these in the future.


Testing Out My New Brushes

So I've made a major change in my workflow on Photoshop, creating a lot of new brushes and starting to work much more with the Tool Presets.

Here is a test I've made using few of my new brushes....