Character Design Challenge - Game of Thrones, April 2017

I had a lot of fun doing this one, since I always loved the character design of the white walkers...
Here is my submission of the night king - leader of the white walkers and not a bad ice skater in his free time ;)


Character Design Challenge - Carnival of Venice

Here's this months Character Design Challenge. I must admit I didn't think like participating at start, but when I've started sketching that cool pigeon, I could resist finishing it :)

Press here to check my entry.


Tamar's Drawing

I've discovered this drawing of my daughter's (which I thought was pretty interesting), so I've decided to re-make it just for fun in my own style...
It went a little Dr. Seuss eventually... I think ;)

For more of my drawings please click here.


Colouring Practice

I've been practicing with colouring this sketch made by the talented Patricio Marcello Balanovsky.

Had a lot of fun in the process... hope to make more of these in the future.


Testing Out My New Brushes

So I've made a major change in my workflow on Photoshop, creating a lot of new brushes and starting to work much more with the Tool Presets.

Here is a test I've made using few of my new brushes....