PIXAR Intro Parody

For those of you who haven't seen this parody about Pixar's logo. Gave me a few loughs ;)


A Moment of Inspiration

I'm sorry if I may sound corny, but for me, my little baby girl is a source of happiness and inspiration.
I find it to be an amazing process, to be watching her evolving and transforming into a little kid, which hears, feels, sees and then reacts to her surroundings.

Last weekend we went to visit our family and for the first time she noticed our dog, which made her afraid at first and then became interesting.

The unpredictable loughs we got from her where a moment of sheer happiness for us and I thought it would be a moment worth sharing with you guys (and besides, it's a great reference ;)


The weekend is here!

I've really waited for the weekend to finally arrive, It's been a long and busy week and only on weekends I finally find a little time for myself to sit down, take a deep breath and finally... relax :)

It isn't easy for me at work (who said animation was easy?), but it's super exciting to work on a cool project like this and with super talented people and only now I feel that I'm starting to get the hang of it and also I'm starting to feel more comfertable, which is great for me.

The fact I don't post much new stuff isn't because I don't do anything, but due to the reason I don't have the time (usually I don't even find the time to check my e-mails).
So, here are a few quick sketches I did on the bus during the last two weeks while going back home after work (I hope you'll like'em).

Have a great weekend everybody!



I really love watching the excellent movies that are coming out of Goblins.
Here is a taste of some of them...