Another Animation Test, Another Leap...

Here is another short animation test I've done.
It's still in rough blocking sinch I didn't mean to animate anything tonight, but it looked such a nice rig, I had to try something.
Sure, it ain't perfect... but still ;)


A Short Animation Test

It's been far too long since I've animated anything!
I've found a free Flour Sack rig, which looked nice to play with (If you like, you can download it here).
This is what I came up with...trying to make a quick animation test...


Meet Buck

Up until now I've only catched a few glimps of this short, but now that I've seen it all, it's really cool!
I like the snappy animation, the rythem of it and the extreme poses.

Meet Buck from TeamCerf on Vimeo.


Character Design - Master & Student

Just for kicks, I've participated in a character design for AnimationRigs.com.
The theme was "Master & Student" and it was pretty open regarding the way we'll choose and show our characters.

I've decided to go on the cute/funny genre.

Hope you like it :)

My New Website

I'm back working at a steady job at the Weizmann Institute of Science, as a graphic designer, but still keep on the doing some freelance work.
Now that I finally have the time, I built myself a website which will show some of my recent work, as an illustrator, graphic designer and soon, also my new animation showreel.
You are welcome to check the site on this link here, and I promise I will keep updating and improve it (right now it's only in Hebrew but soon I hope I'll be able to add an English version as well).