Character Design Challenge! (Vampires)

I've decided to try and participate for the first time (I only sorry I haven't done it sooner).
Anywhoo.... here is my fat vampire.... Thought of calling him Pumbat ;)

You can also find it on FB and like it here.

Piper - A Short Film By Pixar


Piper from brandon pearse on Vimeo.


A lumberjack!

As always, I never stop learning new techniques, better ways and of course, keep getting better with my drawing skills.

I'm currently working on better shading and lightning, as well as blending my colours.... Practice, practice practice....


Geist - A Short Film

I can't remember the last time I've seen an animation that got me like this.
Maybe it's because I'm a parent (spoiler) that it had an extra impact on me, but.... wow! It gave me an unpleasant feeling and chills like it was supposed to do.

GEIST from Giant Animation Studios on Vimeo.


Happy Birthday!

I really missed sitting down and having some fun time drawing on the weekend.
For those of you who are interested, here's a short process.

I would like to thank the amazing Patri Balanovsky for giving me some help.


A collaboration with Patri Balanovsky

I'm very excited to share this post.

I had the pleasure to collaborate with one of my favorite artists -  the talented Patri Balanovsky.

Patri is an amazing character designer and a concept artist.
Please check his blog to see more of his amazing work, or simply watch the process here.




Because my little baby girl started making cute owl like voices in desperate efforts to communicate (she's only 3 months old), I decided to create a cute owl drawing to be printed on one of her baby clothes.


Ed - A short film

It's been a while since I've seen a short animation such as this that really got me smiling through out the entire movie.
Enjoy it!

ed from Taha Neyestani on Vimeo.