Alma - a short film

Sure it's a little creepy, and it's preety easy to know what's coming next, but the idea is nice and the animation is great :)


Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.


How to Train Your Dragon - Behind the scenes

Here's a pretty basic behind the scenes video which was on Fox business, for people who are non animators, yet I thought it would be pretty cool to let other people to enjoy this one.
Thanks to Jeremy Shaw for sharing it with us ;)


Milt Kahl: The Animation Michelangelo

I came across several video clips of academy awards animators (and other well known people from the animation industry) talking about Milt Kahl, which in my opinion was one of the best and most genius animators who had ever lived.

You are welcome to listen to them here:


French Roast - A Short Film

I've been waiting to see this short film for a while, and it was worth waiting.
Hope you'll love it as I did :)

French Roast


George & AJ

Here's a link to one of the bonuses in the DVD of UP.
I'm always amazed by the talented storyboard artist and animatic artist that are able to portray so much in so little drawings.


Speed Sketching At Work

Today at work we decided to sit down and make some speed sketchings, while taking into consideration shape, poses, and force.
Each drawing was made in no longer than only one minute in order to better train our eyes to catch the essence of the poses, and it was great!
I thought it could be nice if I'll share some of the drawing I made today.


My sister's Wedding Illustration

My sister is getting married soon, and she asked me to design her wedding invitation by making a caricature of both her (and soon to be her husband's) dogs.
Well, I do admit I'm a little too much effected by Coyote's look since I'm sketching him, but still, it also helped me in getting the exaggeration poses I was looking for.

Anyway, here's the sketches I've made as I moved from the roughest sketch to the final rendered painting.


This is so cute!

A friend at work showed me this and it made me lough since it's so simple and yet it's really adorable and funny.

Hope you'll like it too.


Don't have time for new posts so in the meantime...

Here's the first trailer for the new upcoming movie by PDI Dreamworks - How To Train Your Dragon, which will be coming out soon.
It's seems nice but I have a pretty strong feeling it might be like Monsters VS Aliens which I didn't like so much, due to a weak story which reminds me Aragon (and other Dragon movies from the same genre) and even the dragon's feature looks like a non-original Pokemon/Stitch character).

Well, let us hope I'm wrong ;)


PIXAR Intro Parody

For those of you who haven't seen this parody about Pixar's logo. Gave me a few loughs ;)


A Moment of Inspiration

I'm sorry if I may sound corny, but for me, my little baby girl is a source of happiness and inspiration.
I find it to be an amazing process, to be watching her evolving and transforming into a little kid, which hears, feels, sees and then reacts to her surroundings.

Last weekend we went to visit our family and for the first time she noticed our dog, which made her afraid at first and then became interesting.

The unpredictable loughs we got from her where a moment of sheer happiness for us and I thought it would be a moment worth sharing with you guys (and besides, it's a great reference ;)


The weekend is here!

I've really waited for the weekend to finally arrive, It's been a long and busy week and only on weekends I finally find a little time for myself to sit down, take a deep breath and finally... relax :)

It isn't easy for me at work (who said animation was easy?), but it's super exciting to work on a cool project like this and with super talented people and only now I feel that I'm starting to get the hang of it and also I'm starting to feel more comfertable, which is great for me.

The fact I don't post much new stuff isn't because I don't do anything, but due to the reason I don't have the time (usually I don't even find the time to check my e-mails).
So, here are a few quick sketches I did on the bus during the last two weeks while going back home after work (I hope you'll like'em).

Have a great weekend everybody!



I really love watching the excellent movies that are coming out of Goblins.
Here is a taste of some of them...


I'm finally taking my first step in the animation industry!

This is the biggest and most important post I have ever posted - The beginning of my professional way, as I'm taking my first steps in the animation industry.
I'm delighted to announce that on this september, I'm beginning to work as an animator, at an amazing place!
I've been lucky enough to be accepted to work at an exclusive animation studio called Crew972 which is run by Alex Orrelle, a former animator at Pixar.
For me it's a dream come true, and a great start as well!

This blog was made to share the journey of becoming a student at animation mentor, and eventually after graduating, getting a job as a character animator (don't worry, this isn't the end of my blog and I intend to keep posting and updating).

Wish me luck!


The Princess and The Frog -Rough Animation shots

Sorry I wasn't posting for some time, but major things are happening in my life right now (which I'll soon share, but for now it isn't the right time yet).
I've missed seeing some high quality 2D, pencile sketched animation. For some reason, there is a kind of magic (well, for me at least) when I see pencil sketches and I even get more excited to see pencil sketches in animation (maybe that is why I loved the look of The jungle Book and Robin Hood).

Here are a few animation shots, some are still in rought animation stages - Deliciouse :)


Ales Mav

Here's the site of Ales Mav. This guy was one of the first people I've met when I started my studies at Animation Mentor.
He also the animator who worked on Daphne's new broom, which I've posted here a while ago.

Now he also one the 11 second club for last July competition, and what can I say? the guy rocks!!!

Here's a link to his site (if you wish to see the winning animation just press the link to his animation work).


FJORG 2009 Animation Demo Reel - Animote Control

It is very simple, no special effects or fancy render... but still, the animation is clear, the story and music are simple and it works.


A Short film - Knight Fever

Here's a nice 3d (which looks like 2D as a part of its design) short film which was done by Christopher Minos.

Watch it here


Planning with thumbnails

I can't tell you how much I miss animating, it really makes me fill bad I haven't done anything new for so long.
Yesterday, I've managed to finally sit down before going to bed, and started to sketch (so I'll sleep less, it's for a good cause ;) so I began planning a short body mechanics animation - lifting a heavy object.
I've recorded the video reference several months ago so I used it for the most parts, but then I've decided I want to do a more cartoony kind of animation so I've turned down the computer and sat with only my blank piece of paper and started thinking how it would look like, by doing quick sketching.

Here is what I sketched.


Animation Mentor Showcase Summer 2009

Here is the great and funny AM showcase.
My friend from Israel - Denis Zilber is also featuring in it with a dialogue taken from the movie V for vendetta.


I didn't think to post it, but I then I thought "why not"?
Here's a few quick Illustrations I did for nice guy from Israel (now living in NY) for a project he designed for kids, and I wish him all the best.

Anyway, I've done all of them in Illustrator for a change (usually I make me illustrations using PS).

Right now I'm currently working on updating my own website. I'm afraid to admit I know nothing (absolutely nothing!) about the subject so it doesn't really look good enough, but the moment it would be on, I'll post a link :)


Drawn To Life

I recently bought both volumes of Drawn to life by Walt Stanchfield and I'm really looking forward to start reading it.
Now that I have finally finished working on my doughters painting, I can go back to the things I missed doing - animating and reading about animating ;)

OMG - I'm such a geek!!



Finally, after working on it for about 6 months (!), I'm proud to say - that is it, no more - it is FINISHED!
This is the final version of the train I've made for Yael's new room, once we'll move to our new apartment.
I would like to thank Eran Lazar who had given me several excellent pointers, which gave a tremendous contribution in my opinion.
I've also added the evolution of the versions from draft to the final version.
My computer nearly crushed while trying to save near the end, since it's about 8,000 pixels in length on 300 ppi.

Hope you'll like it!


Mass Animation = Mass Exploitation? An Article by Justin Cone

Here's an interesting article about Mass Animation's short film which will open the screening of the new upcoming feature Planet 51 (just like Pixar's has their short film).
It's pretty interesting and very clear to understand about how the animation industry might look like if it will keep going to this direction.

Read it here:



Better late than never

I'm sorry to post this trailer only now, but it looked too great to miss posting here.
This is the 2nd trailer for the new upcoming feature Planet 51.

I would also like to add the trailer for the new "Despicable Me" feature "Despicable Me" which looks extremly cool (but both films are not the kind of films I would go and watch on the big screen, I'll just wait for the DVD).



Master Of The Internet!

So yeah, I know this is got NOTHING to animation, but it was so dorky and weird I could resist posting it.

Please forgive me for I'm weak ;)


Ice Age 3 - Sequence by Jeff Gabor

This is one of the longest breakdown sequence I've ever seen someone's doing!
It's Loooong and even a little difficult to watch, but I think it's worth waiting until the end.


An Israeli proud moment :)

Here is a story they broadcasted on the channel 2 news in Israel.
It's about the new feature they are working on right now - The Wild Bunch (and then it goes on about other stuff, but the first few minutes are those I wanted to share with you).
It says they want to release the movie during 2011, which right now they are working with many MANY talented people from the industry (From Israel and also Disney and Hollywood).
I've been there for a quick visit and was very impressed by everything they are doing.
Among the stars which will be behind the voices, you could find actors such as Elizabeth Hurley and William Defoe.
Who knows? Maybe once it will be released they could even win the Oscar;)

* The It's in hebrew, so for those of you who can't understand the language, I'm sorry.

The link



Isn't that cute?!
I love the nice clean render and the global illumination which gives everything a feeling as if it was made of Plasticine (have you seen Pokoyo?!)

Blip from Sean Mullen on Vimeo.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs!

I think one of the greatest things about seeing a new 3D animated movie during these days, is that you know some of the people from the industry.
Usually I would say "yeah, I know who this guy his" as if I'm talking about barack obama, but now I'm talking about really KNOWING the people.
Many times I've stayed after the movie had ended and watched the credits (how geeky of me) just to tell my wife (this was my first semester's mentor, this one was my mentor during class 2, etc), but I think it's even more fun to see your friends and buddies from AM doing well in the industry!
I know at least two people who had worked on IA3 (one of them was even in my class) and maybe it's just me but it gives me extra fun to watch the movie (and thinking which shot was done by them).

Oh Bloody hell!

For those of you who don't know, I'm working as a graphic designer at the Weizmann Institute Of Science.
I had some free time at work today so I've decided to try and model a nice picture which then could be used as a book cover, a short animation simulation or whatever.
I'm no master when it comes to Maya, but I do try to make the best I can.

Here's a desktop wallpaper I rendered (wide screen).

Hope you'll like it!


Animation Mentor Meeting (Israel)

Two weeks ago we had the pleasue of getting together again for a nice dinner in Tel-Aviv and talk about the animation industry, showing some animation works and ofcourse - chat :)
Even though the group wasn't as big as the last time, it was very nice and we had great time!

Here's a link to a post by my good buddy Yair.
edit:(Thanks for Shimi and Yair who took those pictures).


Harvie Krumpet

For those of you who have the time (this short is about 22 minutes length), I warmly suggest to see this stop animation movie.
It's the tale of Harvie Krumpet's life, very funny and even a little touchy at some places.



The Princess and the Frog - Return to Hand Drawn Animation

I was so happy when I first heard the news of Disney returning to do what they always did better than anyone else - classic hand drawn animation.
There is something unique about hand drawn animation, something you cannot compare to when working on a computer.
That is why I can't wait to see the movie The Princess and the frog once it would come out!

Here's a short Featurette for you to enjoy.


Reach - A Short Film By Luke Randell

This is a short film which was done by a buddy of mine from AnimationMentor.
This guy is one of the best animators I can remember from the time I've been a student, so I really wasn't suprised when I've heard he worked at Sony Image Works straight out of school, and recently he got a job at Dream Works!

The guy is amazing... lucky him :)


Jibjab Barack Obama - Yes We Can

Here is a crazy animtaed clip about the super-hero Barack Obama.


Here is the Behind The Scenes (special thanks to Nir Ginat for sharing this link).


Mowgli Pencil Test - by Milt Kahl

Milt Kahl is just amazing, he was one of the 9 old men at Disney.
Here's a pencil test he had done while working on The Jungle Book.

This is a Scene animated by....Milt Kahl, of course !


Partly Cloudy - A Short Film By Pixar

I feel as if it was only yesterday when I posted Pixa'rs Presto, and now I'm happy to post this years new short film - Partly Cloudy.



WorldMate Max And the iPhone: World Crisis

This short and funny animated cartoon was done by two super talented guys:
JP Vine and Mysh Mashko

They are working here in Israel at a cool studio called CREW972 (run by Alex Orelle) and I had the pleasure of meeting them while coming there for a visit several times.



Wanted - A short film by two of my friends at AM

I'm proud to post this link to this funny short film WANTED.
It was done by three people, two of them I knew personally at the time I was a student at Animation Mentor - Max Stohr (My class mate) and Tobias Von Burkersroda (Or in Short - Tobi ;)



How To Make A Baby (I forgot to post this!)

Sorry, my bad. I wanted to post this nice stop motion animation a while ago, but completely forgot.
Most chances you already seen it somewhere already but I thought it would be better to post it now (late) than non at all.
This short animation was done by my 4th semester mentor - Raquel Coelho and her (now) husband (if I'm not mistaken, he's working at Dream Works as an animator too and also worked as a mentor at AM!).


Know your (copy)rights!

I want to talk about something which is a well known issue (especially in the industry but not only) - copyrights.
Apparently there was a use of one of my older character drawings (which I did somewhere during 2005) on Facebook During the last few months.
Now don't get me wrong! I do consider the fact that someone had seen it and decided to use it as a compliment but the dry fact is - without even giving credits to me (the artist), and I don't even speak about money here, that is stealing! That is unfair and just isn't right!

Here is the original drawing (in low resolution) next to the quiz which is published on Facebook:

you could check it by clicking this link here:


Danko Jones - King Of Magazines

Here's an animated clip which done by Painter/cartoonist Dave Cooper and animator Nick Cross, which is completely insane!!! I loved the way the principles (Exaggeration, S&S, etc) are well put in use.
Some parts of it reminded me a little the style of The Ren & Stimpy Show, and other parts reminded me the old rubbery 30's cartoons.

Danko Jones - King Of Magazines from Bad Taste Records on Vimeo.


Now that is planning! (In a geeky funny sort of way)

I've surfed to Youtube to see what wonderful new reels were added lately by the students of AM.
I've found several good and funny reels, but those two below had really caught my eye, due to the planning of the sequencing between the exercises and the shots - creating a complete scene/reel!
A well done job :)


Russian Wall-E

This is one hell of a talented guy, who've seen Wall-E and decided to build one himself (that took him 18 days).

Watch it here: