I'm finally taking my first step in the animation industry!

This is the biggest and most important post I have ever posted - The beginning of my professional way, as I'm taking my first steps in the animation industry.
I'm delighted to announce that on this september, I'm beginning to work as an animator, at an amazing place!
I've been lucky enough to be accepted to work at an exclusive animation studio called Crew972 which is run by Alex Orrelle, a former animator at Pixar.
For me it's a dream come true, and a great start as well!

This blog was made to share the journey of becoming a student at animation mentor, and eventually after graduating, getting a job as a character animator (don't worry, this isn't the end of my blog and I intend to keep posting and updating).

Wish me luck!


The Princess and The Frog -Rough Animation shots

Sorry I wasn't posting for some time, but major things are happening in my life right now (which I'll soon share, but for now it isn't the right time yet).
I've missed seeing some high quality 2D, pencile sketched animation. For some reason, there is a kind of magic (well, for me at least) when I see pencil sketches and I even get more excited to see pencil sketches in animation (maybe that is why I loved the look of The jungle Book and Robin Hood).

Here are a few animation shots, some are still in rought animation stages - Deliciouse :)