The Princess and the Frog - Return to Hand Drawn Animation

I was so happy when I first heard the news of Disney returning to do what they always did better than anyone else - classic hand drawn animation.
There is something unique about hand drawn animation, something you cannot compare to when working on a computer.
That is why I can't wait to see the movie The Princess and the frog once it would come out!

Here's a short Featurette for you to enjoy.


Reach - A Short Film By Luke Randell

This is a short film which was done by a buddy of mine from AnimationMentor.
This guy is one of the best animators I can remember from the time I've been a student, so I really wasn't suprised when I've heard he worked at Sony Image Works straight out of school, and recently he got a job at Dream Works!

The guy is amazing... lucky him :)


Jibjab Barack Obama - Yes We Can

Here is a crazy animtaed clip about the super-hero Barack Obama.


Here is the Behind The Scenes (special thanks to Nir Ginat for sharing this link).


Mowgli Pencil Test - by Milt Kahl

Milt Kahl is just amazing, he was one of the 9 old men at Disney.
Here's a pencil test he had done while working on The Jungle Book.

This is a Scene animated by....Milt Kahl, of course !


Partly Cloudy - A Short Film By Pixar

I feel as if it was only yesterday when I posted Pixa'rs Presto, and now I'm happy to post this years new short film - Partly Cloudy.



WorldMate Max And the iPhone: World Crisis

This short and funny animated cartoon was done by two super talented guys:
JP Vine and Mysh Mashko

They are working here in Israel at a cool studio called CREW972 (run by Alex Orelle) and I had the pleasure of meeting them while coming there for a visit several times.



Wanted - A short film by two of my friends at AM

I'm proud to post this link to this funny short film WANTED.
It was done by three people, two of them I knew personally at the time I was a student at Animation Mentor - Max Stohr (My class mate) and Tobias Von Burkersroda (Or in Short - Tobi ;)



How To Make A Baby (I forgot to post this!)

Sorry, my bad. I wanted to post this nice stop motion animation a while ago, but completely forgot.
Most chances you already seen it somewhere already but I thought it would be better to post it now (late) than non at all.
This short animation was done by my 4th semester mentor - Raquel Coelho and her (now) husband (if I'm not mistaken, he's working at Dream Works as an animator too and also worked as a mentor at AM!).


Know your (copy)rights!

I want to talk about something which is a well known issue (especially in the industry but not only) - copyrights.
Apparently there was a use of one of my older character drawings (which I did somewhere during 2005) on Facebook During the last few months.
Now don't get me wrong! I do consider the fact that someone had seen it and decided to use it as a compliment but the dry fact is - without even giving credits to me (the artist), and I don't even speak about money here, that is stealing! That is unfair and just isn't right!

Here is the original drawing (in low resolution) next to the quiz which is published on Facebook:

you could check it by clicking this link here:


Danko Jones - King Of Magazines

Here's an animated clip which done by Painter/cartoonist Dave Cooper and animator Nick Cross, which is completely insane!!! I loved the way the principles (Exaggeration, S&S, etc) are well put in use.
Some parts of it reminded me a little the style of The Ren & Stimpy Show, and other parts reminded me the old rubbery 30's cartoons.

Danko Jones - King Of Magazines from Bad Taste Records on Vimeo.