2 new features coming up!

One is the more well knowned call BOLT by Disney, which you could watch it's trailer here (I especially liked the hampster, the personality they gave it really makes him looks cool and funny).

The second movie I'm talking about, which isn't Dumbo or Ratatouille (yet it is about a mouse who has giant ears though :) and I think it would be pretty funny, yet I can't say it would be one of the big ones this years - it would probably be one of those movies I'll rent in DVD to watch).

Bolt Trailer


My wife is a graduate! Congratulations!

I can't tell you how much I'm proud of my wife - Moriah, which had finally (after a lot of hard work) received her M.Sc degree (and also received the dean's prize for excellency!).
It was a very exciting ceremony and now when all is behind her.... she can start focusing on her new career as a biology teacher (and hopefully, me too, once I'll graduate my studies at AnimationMentor - but I don't really want to be a biology teacher... no... I think I'll stick with my dream of becoming a character animator:).

This is the only week I had between class 5 and 6, which means that in two more days, I'll be starting my last semester! Class 6 (I can't believe I got there so fast!) and then I'll start looking for a job in the industry in Israel (cross your fingers for me, will you?)


Class 5 - Session 511

Here is my final layout (which I hope won't have to change too much during the next class).
I can't believe this semester is nearly at it's end! It went by so fast I didn't even noticed (which I guess means it was sooo fun!).


The animator's survival kit - now on 16 DVD's!

I've just read that John Williams had a recorded lecture on Blue Sky and that's now, it's also available on a collection of DVD.
I wish I could afford something like that (it ain't cheap), since I know his book by heart (and even though I've read it and re-read it many times more) and it's some kind of a bible for me :)
The collection should show Williams on his lecture along with houndreds of animation examples from his book (which of course couldn't be shown as animation).

Anyway, it's good to know that there is such a collection and who knows, maybe someday I'll be able to watch it.

Watch it here


Superhero Fashion Emergency

Here's a little something I've found on one of the Israeli animation forums on the web.
Made me lough :)

And by the way! Pixar had released a few more Wall-e clips, now that it's nearly out.
I just can't wait to see it already, I truly believe this one may be their best movie ever done!

Watch it here


Class 5 - Session 510

Hi! This week we had to finish our layout, and I think it's going pretty well.
Of course I'll have my entire next week to fix stuff out, but I don't think there will be much to change.
Anyway, I've changed some stuff again (mostly textures and some modeling), taking it further and making everything looks as best as I can so for my next (and last) semester, there won't be much to work about besides - ANIMATION!

Oh! and by the way (nearly forgot) - have a great Shavuot!!! (it's a Jewish holiday, don't eat too many cheese cakes ;)


Class 5 - Session 509

Hey guys!
This week we had to make the second third of the layout (which I've changed through out the entire weekend!), again, testing camera angles, tracking, zooming in/out, checking if the timing still works (slight changes there) and eventually - if it's the same short as it was in the animatic stage.
I'm glad to announce my film looks pretty much the same, and when moving into Maya I actually improved some parts that didn't work very well in my animatic.
Since I've worked hard on improving my textures, I've decided to go ahead and try a first render of Bishop, which would be use in the poster (thus revealing the punch line of my shot film).

What do you think?