Behind the scenes - Kong Fu Panda

This short movie got me so pumped up and all excited!!! The way everything looks so good, even the story boards, the cintique. and ofcourse the animation.... WOW!!!
Hope you'll enjoy it as I did :)

This is so cool!!! It's the REAL Wall-E

It's amazing how it looks exactly the same as the one in the movie!
I wish I could get me one of these :)
I strongly reccommend you pop up the volume a little bit before you'll watch this.

Wall-E Spotted in LA! from Blink on Vimeo.


Class 5 - Session 508

Busy... so busy.... this current weeks I'm having so much to do!!! (work, animation mentor and a course I'm taking which makes me miss my entire Sunday).
But still your humble blogger would make the effort to write his blog and be on time with all he has to submit :)

Also (and these are great news) I've found someone from the US that I've spoken with, (she's a music composer) and she said she liked my short movie (well, my idea and animatic anyway) and she also said she would very much like to help me out by composing a short tune for it's soundtrack, which is great because it would be nice if I could show my movie in public one day (hopefully ;)

This week we began in our Layout stage, and I had to model Bishop a cool set of monkey ears and of course spent quite a lot of time, texturing him (haven't finished yet, still have to texture the soda machine, the coin and the soda can).
We had to submit our first 1/3 of the layout and complete the rest with our Animatic.
We also had to upload our schedule for the rest of the semester.... I really like it!
I'll fix the rest during the week.


It's A Boy!

This week, one of my best and dearest friends had received life's biggest gift - he and his wife had given birth to a cute baby boy.
I've made them this cute drawing and have decided to post it here with my other drawings.


Class 5 - Session 507

This week was the last to work on our Animatic. After spending 3 whole weeks of drawing and building my animatic, after using a careful planning for the camera angles, studying the directions of the scenes etc, I must admit I had a lot of fun!
Anyway, here's my final animtic version. I've applied Elliot's comment and also added music which (I believe) contributes so much to the "feel" of my short - can't wait to start working on it already :)

Hope you'll like it!


A short - Blind Spot

Really nice and creative way to... "look at a situation differently" ;)
Watch the short, you'll understand what I mean!



Class 5 - Session 506

Man this week I had a lot to work on my animatic.
Since I'm starting a course tomorrow which would take a few weeks, it means I have no free Sundays any more to work on my assignments (but what can I do?).
Anyway, I had to push my self to the limit and squeeze all the time I had left to meet the deadline, so.... here it is.


Class 5 - Session 505

Finally I'm posting again (after the last two weeks were nothing to show - it was just an embarrassing video pitch of me in bad English, trying to explain my story in front of the camera ;)
Anyway, this week we had to draw and upload our first half of our animatic (which means - 15 seconds).
I used most of my weekend to draw that stuff on paper, scan it, draw over it in Photoshop and color it. The rest was done by using After FX.
Now I'm struggling which one to choose - I think I prefer the one with the side view when he pushes all the buttons.

What do you think?