Oscar winning shorts

I've haven't watched all of them, but here is a collection of 46 of the Oscar winning animated shorts from 1931 and up to now.
My favorite so far (even though I know if for quite some time now) is MANIPULATION.



Class 4 - Session 407

This week was all about having the right timing, but I've decided that my timing was pretty much as I wanted it to be, so.... I've used the spare time to go and move into blocking plus - have some more inbetweens and giving a better feel of the animation when it would be moving into spline.


Class 4 - Session 406

This week we had to show our first blocking - of course things would change quite a lot at this stages (camera angles, extreme poses etc) but I think I'm almost there in general.


Finally - the full trailer of Wall-E!

Class 4 - Session 405

This week we finally started to work on our new dialogue part, and I'm so excited about it!!!
I've decided to go with a comedy (of course) but yet to try and give it a twist - I've took a line which was being said by Ben Stiller, where he plays a superhero and managed to make the line to a cute little viking warrior, who is looking for his address book :)
I hope my mentor would agree with the idea, after all it has a picture of a kitten on it!
Anyway, this week was all of the sake of getting the right direction, which means the most basic blocking there is - a layout, just to see what is working and what isn't (camera angles, poses etc).
I would like to thank a good friend of mine which also studying at Animation Mentor with me in the same class - Shimi, for helping me out with the acting stuff.

Hope you'll like it!


Pixar's Wall-e commercial for the Superbowl

Man!!! I've been to the cinema earlier this week and saw the last Wall-e trailer that came out, and once again, my jaw dropped!
It's going to be such an amazing movie. I have so much empathy to this tiny robot (How the hell do they do that?!), that I just can't have enough of watching anything new about him/with him.

This cute commercial which involves also Buzz light year and Woody this time....ahhh.... Pixar, how I want to work there some day :)

Anyway, watch the commercial and enjoy!


This short film made me proud to be a student at AM.
This guy, was one of the first students who have attend AM during 2005, and today is working at Ubisoft (Canada).
You could watch his work on his website here, or just watch the movie here.

Read Issam Zejly webpage

Watch the movie


Finally !!!

It's been great animating this 10 seconds monologue but I truly think I had enough of it.... really! I've been working on this 10 seconds animation for about 2-3 months!!! A man can stand so far before getting... nuts :)

Anyway, This is my last pass on this animation, fully rendered.
Hope you'll like it!


A short - SuperMoine

This is a short film I've seen on ANIBOOM which been done by Black Bunny Studio.
I strongly suggest you turn your volume down before seeing it because this music (Which even though it really isn't my style) fit right on.

To see it in a little better resolution press here