Drawn To Life

I recently bought both volumes of Drawn to life by Walt Stanchfield and I'm really looking forward to start reading it.
Now that I have finally finished working on my doughters painting, I can go back to the things I missed doing - animating and reading about animating ;)

OMG - I'm such a geek!!



Finally, after working on it for about 6 months (!), I'm proud to say - that is it, no more - it is FINISHED!
This is the final version of the train I've made for Yael's new room, once we'll move to our new apartment.
I would like to thank Eran Lazar who had given me several excellent pointers, which gave a tremendous contribution in my opinion.
I've also added the evolution of the versions from draft to the final version.
My computer nearly crushed while trying to save near the end, since it's about 8,000 pixels in length on 300 ppi.

Hope you'll like it!


Mass Animation = Mass Exploitation? An Article by Justin Cone

Here's an interesting article about Mass Animation's short film which will open the screening of the new upcoming feature Planet 51 (just like Pixar's has their short film).
It's pretty interesting and very clear to understand about how the animation industry might look like if it will keep going to this direction.

Read it here:



Better late than never

I'm sorry to post this trailer only now, but it looked too great to miss posting here.
This is the 2nd trailer for the new upcoming feature Planet 51.

I would also like to add the trailer for the new "Despicable Me" feature "Despicable Me" which looks extremly cool (but both films are not the kind of films I would go and watch on the big screen, I'll just wait for the DVD).



Master Of The Internet!

So yeah, I know this is got NOTHING to animation, but it was so dorky and weird I could resist posting it.

Please forgive me for I'm weak ;)


Ice Age 3 - Sequence by Jeff Gabor

This is one of the longest breakdown sequence I've ever seen someone's doing!
It's Loooong and even a little difficult to watch, but I think it's worth waiting until the end.


An Israeli proud moment :)

Here is a story they broadcasted on the channel 2 news in Israel.
It's about the new feature they are working on right now - The Wild Bunch (and then it goes on about other stuff, but the first few minutes are those I wanted to share with you).
It says they want to release the movie during 2011, which right now they are working with many MANY talented people from the industry (From Israel and also Disney and Hollywood).
I've been there for a quick visit and was very impressed by everything they are doing.
Among the stars which will be behind the voices, you could find actors such as Elizabeth Hurley and William Defoe.
Who knows? Maybe once it will be released they could even win the Oscar;)

* The It's in hebrew, so for those of you who can't understand the language, I'm sorry.

The link



Isn't that cute?!
I love the nice clean render and the global illumination which gives everything a feeling as if it was made of Plasticine (have you seen Pokoyo?!)

Blip from Sean Mullen on Vimeo.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs!

I think one of the greatest things about seeing a new 3D animated movie during these days, is that you know some of the people from the industry.
Usually I would say "yeah, I know who this guy his" as if I'm talking about barack obama, but now I'm talking about really KNOWING the people.
Many times I've stayed after the movie had ended and watched the credits (how geeky of me) just to tell my wife (this was my first semester's mentor, this one was my mentor during class 2, etc), but I think it's even more fun to see your friends and buddies from AM doing well in the industry!
I know at least two people who had worked on IA3 (one of them was even in my class) and maybe it's just me but it gives me extra fun to watch the movie (and thinking which shot was done by them).

Oh Bloody hell!

For those of you who don't know, I'm working as a graphic designer at the Weizmann Institute Of Science.
I had some free time at work today so I've decided to try and model a nice picture which then could be used as a book cover, a short animation simulation or whatever.
I'm no master when it comes to Maya, but I do try to make the best I can.

Here's a desktop wallpaper I rendered (wide screen).

Hope you'll like it!


Animation Mentor Meeting (Israel)

Two weeks ago we had the pleasue of getting together again for a nice dinner in Tel-Aviv and talk about the animation industry, showing some animation works and ofcourse - chat :)
Even though the group wasn't as big as the last time, it was very nice and we had great time!

Here's a link to a post by my good buddy Yair.
edit:(Thanks for Shimi and Yair who took those pictures).


Harvie Krumpet

For those of you who have the time (this short is about 22 minutes length), I warmly suggest to see this stop animation movie.
It's the tale of Harvie Krumpet's life, very funny and even a little touchy at some places.