George & AJ

Here's a link to one of the bonuses in the DVD of UP.
I'm always amazed by the talented storyboard artist and animatic artist that are able to portray so much in so little drawings.


Speed Sketching At Work

Today at work we decided to sit down and make some speed sketchings, while taking into consideration shape, poses, and force.
Each drawing was made in no longer than only one minute in order to better train our eyes to catch the essence of the poses, and it was great!
I thought it could be nice if I'll share some of the drawing I made today.


My sister's Wedding Illustration

My sister is getting married soon, and she asked me to design her wedding invitation by making a caricature of both her (and soon to be her husband's) dogs.
Well, I do admit I'm a little too much effected by Coyote's look since I'm sketching him, but still, it also helped me in getting the exaggeration poses I was looking for.

Anyway, here's the sketches I've made as I moved from the roughest sketch to the final rendered painting.


This is so cute!

A friend at work showed me this and it made me lough since it's so simple and yet it's really adorable and funny.

Hope you'll like it too.


Don't have time for new posts so in the meantime...

Here's the first trailer for the new upcoming movie by PDI Dreamworks - How To Train Your Dragon, which will be coming out soon.
It's seems nice but I have a pretty strong feeling it might be like Monsters VS Aliens which I didn't like so much, due to a weak story which reminds me Aragon (and other Dragon movies from the same genre) and even the dragon's feature looks like a non-original Pokemon/Stitch character).

Well, let us hope I'm wrong ;)