cartoon face colouring

I've stumbled upon this amazing (and long!) video tutorial by the extremely talented Serge Birault. Really inspiring to watch. Enjoy ;) -Ziv
Watch live streaming video from sergebirault at livestream.com


Ain't it cool?

I'm proud to let you know I been asked to use my short film in a digital audio production excercise by SIAST.
This audio mix was created by the group of; Donald Hancock, Suzanne Olinik and Jacob Sawatzky.

Here is the first sample which made me lough :)

Some information regarding SIAST:
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology, SIAST - Wascana Campus, located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
has a New Media Communications Program (www.siast.sk.ca) which has a course for Digital Audio Production. In the past, we had
students complete a soundscape assignment. This year, we decided to use the "Stay Cool" animation and have the students create
a soundscape based on the action on screen. The students had a great time, creating their own sound effects and pulling sound effects
and music to create a final mix for the animated short. The feedback from the students has been very positive and we look forward to
doing this again next year. For now, we have six variations on the "Stay Cool" animation.