Class 1 - Session 5

This week had a very tight time table, since I haven't been at home the entire week, but I still manage to make the best animation I could and I think I can really feel it becoming more natural to me, and I work much faster now than a month ago when I began.
Who knows where will I be in about 17 months from now? :)
Anyway, we finally go to give the ball SQUASH AND STRETCH which is one of the tweleve principles of animation (and one of my favorites).
It turns out, we have squash and stretch all the time, and not only in the cartoon world (for example when a guys throws a ball he begins by squashing himself downward and then he streches upwards).
We also had to pose our beloved Stu in a DEVASTATION pose, and this was the hardest pose I had yet, due to the reason there's alot of twinning going on.
This week had contributed me a in many ways.

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