Class 1 - Session 10

Finally! A personality walk! Isn't that great? Isn't it wonderful?
I must admit that the entire walk cycles issue had not yet came to settle upon my squishy brain and when you see a good walk cycle and think to yourself: "that's a cool looking walk, I could do it" think twice if you know how - plan ahead!
As I'm typing these words I'm in the last day of the second week to have the personality walk (that means I'm two weeks after my first attempt to make something which to look somehow similar to my video reference).
It's very difficult to catch things and every little thing you do changes everything - Especially the tempo of the walk (24 FPS or 36 like I did = A second and a half per cycle).
It's easy to get confused what to do, when to do it, choose the right angle for the hips (next week we'll get deeper into the hips subject) and how to get it done as it should.
This week we had to curve our walk only in stepped mode - next week SPLINE!!!
We also had to give Stu an exhausted pose.

Happy Walk Reference from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo

Personality walk - stepped mode from Ziv Ariely on Vimeo

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