Class 2 - Session 202

Ok! I must admit this week really took my breath away, and it was not because of the hard work I usually put into my work, no, It was because I DID NOT PLAN as I should.
It's a good lesson to everything in life, especially when coming to begin your animation!
My planning was to be above the minimum amount of 100 frames (should of been 100-200 frames total) but I'm afraid most part of my animation was not very smart due to an extremely slow 180 which led to a very short of animation.
I had to do everything all over again, and add to it a short walk in the beginning.
This part was extremely hard, and I'm actually glad I had to do it, since I've learned my lesson (I hope so :).
This is my blocking so far for week 202.

180 turn - session 202 from Ziv Ariely and Vimeo.

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