Class 2 - Session 211

This week was our last week of polishing our third assignment, and also it's our last Q&A with Gini.
True we'll have another one on the next class, but it won't be a regular class, and it will be more for "In Conclusion" stuff and a walk through all we had learned this last semester.
Yesterday she gave us the opportunity to watch a few test and blocking poses she did on Ratatouille (it's a great movie, and if you haven't seen it yet - Go see it!!!), and it was amazing (I also had the chance of getting up early about a month ago and watch the live Q&A with the guys from Pixar who worked on the movie).
I was lucky enough to have two more free days to work on my polishing because of our holiday and I really hope this shot will (maybe) be a one I won't feel too bad about it, a shot I won't think what could I do better, what could I push more etc.
Gini is great and I really think I've learned so much from her, about pushing your poses, Ease In and Ease Out, "watch your spacing" (which I usually forget :) and also very important - Timing.
Gini needs to go back to work on Pixar's last film to come out soon "WALL-E" and I though to give you guys to video samples to see it, I already know I'll see it as it will be out on the screens :)

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