Have you ever noticed the hidden stuff?

I'm one of those many people who considers themselves to be a Pixar's fan.
This is a short article I came across which revealed to me a few things I haven't noticed on the movies Pixar had made during the last years (It's amazing to think how many times I've seen those movies and never really SEE it!).


Read more about it here:


net perin said...

Hey Ziv,
My name is Net. Pleased to meet ya! I'm a future AM'er too. I'll be starting classes in January!*grin*

Great post... thought I'd share with you a couple of other things that I've noticed too:
1) the lady villan (with the short silvery-gray hair) in "The Incredibles" looks an awful lot like Colette of "Ratatouille"
I think that they reuse their models quite a bit. The customers in Ratatouille look very similar to each other at times too...with small changes, like hair, etc.
2)When Fettucine is trying to figure out where to put Remy for the first time, when they are standing just outside of the restaurant...Fettucine thinks about placing Remy down his pants. Fettucine is shown wearing "Incredibles" underwear. I noticed this in the Theater on a Digital screen. The resolution was so great that you could see not only that particular detail but also the lines on the sous chef's thumb when he holds it up to the camera('I killed a man with this thumb')
and you could see the texture on the chef's coat and clothes that the staff wore... really incredible stuff!
I've seen it quite a few times now... keep watching the back doors to the restaurant the next time you watch the movie...they break the rules on the way that they open and close...but with the flow of the story... you never even notice it!

If all goes well with my webcam,etc. tonight... I should be on campus really soon...maybe even tomorrow!
Hope to see you around :D


Anonymous said...

Hi Ziv! thanks for posting this! such a fantastic read!!! :)

I took a break from AM and am coming back in January!I was in the same class one batch wth you..but wth diff mentors:)
I've been reading yr blog regularly- thanks for posting all the details!
and I've got to add- your work is looking really good!

see ya around:)