Class 4 - Session 401

After a long period of vacation from school, we've returned to work on our animation in full throttle.
We finally began to work on our facial animation, which is actually I new Bishop to work with (in the old version we work on last semester we couldn't do much besides moving the jaw).
It's amazing! It's so fun! This I believe to be the most important element in the animation which brings it to life!
So it's not much yet, but all we had to do is to block in the right vowels (which actually most of them aren't existing because you need the mouth to move as if the words you hear really being made by it, but actually most of the words are in a blur phase between the vowels so the lips should be seeing and all the rest is not as important!
I intend to keep on fixing the new eye problem I have now that I've added the brows, but I think I'm definitely getting there :)

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