Class 4 - Session 405

This week we finally started to work on our new dialogue part, and I'm so excited about it!!!
I've decided to go with a comedy (of course) but yet to try and give it a twist - I've took a line which was being said by Ben Stiller, where he plays a superhero and managed to make the line to a cute little viking warrior, who is looking for his address book :)
I hope my mentor would agree with the idea, after all it has a picture of a kitten on it!
Anyway, this week was all of the sake of getting the right direction, which means the most basic blocking there is - a layout, just to see what is working and what isn't (camera angles, poses etc).
I would like to thank a good friend of mine which also studying at Animation Mentor with me in the same class - Shimi, for helping me out with the acting stuff.

Hope you'll like it!

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