An Animation Party in Tel Aviv

This last Thursday we (myself, my wife - Moriah, Shimi Volkovich and Yair Mor) were invited to come to a party which had been organized by Alex Orrell - the president and CO-founder of one of the top animation studios in Israel - CREW972.
Alex is a former animator at Pixar's and had worked on films such as The Incredibles, Finding Nemo, Boundin' and Monsters INC!!!
I've had the privilege to make my acquaintance and speak with him about my studies at Animation Mentor, my former mentor (class 2) - Gini Santos, and the future of my animation career.
He's such a great guy, fun to talk to and even introduced me to a few other people from the industry in Israel.
I'm so glad I could have been there that night :)

Attached is a link to CREW972 website and some pictures of that great evening.


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Anonymous said...

well, i am glad you enjoyed :)

great photos:)