Class 5 - Session 508

Busy... so busy.... this current weeks I'm having so much to do!!! (work, animation mentor and a course I'm taking which makes me miss my entire Sunday).
But still your humble blogger would make the effort to write his blog and be on time with all he has to submit :)

Also (and these are great news) I've found someone from the US that I've spoken with, (she's a music composer) and she said she liked my short movie (well, my idea and animatic anyway) and she also said she would very much like to help me out by composing a short tune for it's soundtrack, which is great because it would be nice if I could show my movie in public one day (hopefully ;)

This week we began in our Layout stage, and I had to model Bishop a cool set of monkey ears and of course spent quite a lot of time, texturing him (haven't finished yet, still have to texture the soda machine, the coin and the soda can).
We had to submit our first 1/3 of the layout and complete the rest with our Animatic.
We also had to upload our schedule for the rest of the semester.... I really like it!
I'll fix the rest during the week.


Nate Lane said...

lookin gnarly man. Love what you've done to bishop, he's looking great :D. What you've put into 3D is also looking great! man, you've got everything so organized, that's awesome. Well you know what they say,... the more time spent planning, the less time spent... not planning. hehe. I should probably follow your example, seeing that I never plan, and always end up wasting so much time experimenting in Maya. Not good. Anyways, it's awesome to watch your progress, well done.

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Hey Nate,
I strongly believe a good planning is very important in order to test stuff out (poses, camera angles, timing, etc) and as you said - the more time you'll spend on planning, the more time you'll have to use it later on for enjoying the other parts (polishing, having better and maybe even more animation happening on the screen... you know the rest :)

Pretty soon I'll post my new playblast with better textures and a few corrections I've already received of my mentor.

Thanks for your comments!