My wife is a graduate! Congratulations!

I can't tell you how much I'm proud of my wife - Moriah, which had finally (after a lot of hard work) received her M.Sc degree (and also received the dean's prize for excellency!).
It was a very exciting ceremony and now when all is behind her.... she can start focusing on her new career as a biology teacher (and hopefully, me too, once I'll graduate my studies at AnimationMentor - but I don't really want to be a biology teacher... no... I think I'll stick with my dream of becoming a character animator:).

This is the only week I had between class 5 and 6, which means that in two more days, I'll be starting my last semester! Class 6 (I can't believe I got there so fast!) and then I'll start looking for a job in the industry in Israel (cross your fingers for me, will you?)


Shu Xiong said...
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ConstraintSolver said...

congratulation for your wife.
Here, in Belgium we haven't this ceremony like in America...and i'm jalous. :D

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Thanks! She'll be happy to hear it :)