Shhh.... not time for animation (the baby is sleeping!)

Sorry I didn't post anything in the last weeks, but as you can see - I got my hands full ;)
As much as I love animating, I'm actually pretty happy I don't need to animate anything at this time while my wife and I are still getting used to the new member in our little family (no time for anything else).
Adding this to the fact I haven't found the time to finish my baby girl's canvas painting and now I've also taken the upportuinity to design my sister's wedding invitation (yep, more great news), I can't seem to get things done as I wanted to, but I guess it's ok and I'm really blessed with a cute and amazingly addorable child.
Here are the characters I did manage to color and highlight in the last few days (when ever I got the spare time).


Dhar said...

Sorry I missed this post. Congratulations!

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Thanks Dhar :)