Pixar Creates A Beautiful 3D Animated Sculpture

This is Cool :)


Animation institute in Chandigarh said...

I've seen the original one they mention in the Ghibli museum in Mitaka. It's amazing. It's hard to see in the video how smooth it actually is (and how big the original is. I assume the Pixar one's the same size). You're looking at it spinning up and then the strobe kicks in and all of a sudden it's stop motion animation happening right infront of you. The Ghibli museum also had another one from Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The giant from the castle (about 2 feet tall in the model) is surrounded by two layers of glass tubes with birds painted on them that revolve around each other. It actually looks like they are flying around the giant and through his arms. (I've been there 3 times over the last 4 years and I still can't figure out the birds flying through his arms ) Almost as amazing as the Totoro one.

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