Class 2 - Session 209

Tha last week was so frustrated due to the reason my animation of the push was not selling, the reference (which I re-shot about 10 times over and over again) wasen't good enough and I just couldn't manage making the constraints between Stewie and the box he suppose to push. Each time I tried to have stewie touching the box, the box leaped forward and I couldn't work like this (I've wasted a whole day just trying to fix this problem, but eventually, I just had to move the box each time I needed it to move).
In the end, I've decided to make one last reference and study it as I never studied poses before (and believe me, it's not like I didn't study hard until now).
It took me 6 whole pages of posing, and work with my video reference very thorough until I'm quite happy with the result.

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