Class 5 - Here we go!!!

Finally I begin my class 5! This term will be the beginning of my short film, even though it should last about one minute or so, and even though it sounds fairly easy - I know it would be one hard work, but I'm looking forward to it (and scared as hell too).
My mentor this semester will be Elliot M.Bour - an animator at Disney which worked on Aladdin, Mulan and many more (since 1991 which is pretty long time comes to think of it!).

Come check his Blog

This week's lecture was about how we think and who we should think, and tune our way f thinking and having ideas - there are no bad ideas nor good ones - there are all just ideas.
While I was listening to the lecture, they had suggested to let the inspiration comes to you by doodling - so I did. I draw a doodle for about 5 minutes, and this is what I came up with... hmm.... kinda freaky :)

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