My AM reel and also, starting to explore my short...

I can't believe how fun it is, to finally start working on my short.
I've decided to sit and start sketching and doodling, no a reel story board, but something to explore my mind and checking what camera angles could be interesting, what could work and what wouldn't work.
For now, my mentor (Elliot Bour) and I are feeling strongly that the story about Bishop and the soda machine could really work nicely, so I'm all pumped up and super excited to start working on it.

I've also took this week to render my assignment since class 2 and up until the end of class 4, and finally composing them together in a short reel with music and a wider format.

Hope you'll enjoy it :)


Nate Lane said...

awesome man. you have some quality skillz. Can't wait to see your progress on your short :-D

Nate Lane said...

oh yeah,... hope you dont mind but i added u to my links section on my blog thingymajiger. Seems you have some rather quality stuff coming through that I'd like to keep tabs on. Best of luck