Another lecture, Another drawing

Here's another drawing I've made while listening to this week's lecture about the importance of sound and music in you short (hey! this is also a good way to practice in splitting my attention to listening and realizing stuff while thinking of the next stuff I need to draw/color, etc).
Well, I've decided to keep on working on the harder way for me to draw, since I'm an old school kind of guy and there never was something better for me to work with than just a simple pencil and a piece of paper.
So, I tried to make a quick sketch straight into the computer, using my Wacom tablet and then start working on the most important strokes, then the colors, then the highlight and shadows.

Here's what I came up with...


Nate Lane said...

YES! I'm liking the purple spandex :D. I admire your drawing skills, very nice :D. Your short looks awesome as well. keep at it!

benny cohen said...

i'm always happy to see a new drawing of yours :)

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Well, you know... once I have some free time, I'm always happy to go back to my old habbit :)

Thanks guys!